Trending: From Linear and Individual, to Circular and Collaborative

I’ve always laughed about it, but it’s true. Just about everything we think we are “doing” here on planet Earth relates to “stuff” — getting stuff, holding on to stuff, storing and maintaining stuff, moving stuff around. What if we consciously pay attention to relationships instead? What if we intentionally shifted our common focus here on Earth to circulating Love into and through all our relations — with other humans, animals, plants, minerals — yes, even “man-made stuff”?

(As my dear friend Claudia exhorts, “Too materialist? Hah! We’re not materialist enough!” — by which she means that in terms of “stuff,” we need to learn to value quality over quantity.)

Might it be that our recognition that the conscious circulation of love through relationships with all beings is of such immense value and power that that it transforms the entire frequency field of Life on Earth?

Here are two interim templates for making that switch.


A “Circular Economy” Could Save Resources and Energy and Create Local Jobs

Second, and ultimately, more radical: “Collaborative Consumption”:

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