Trek to “Ogle Lake” in Brown County: PHOTOS

When we got in the car, I wasn’t sure where we were going for this Labor Day morning excursion. So I left the decision up to my body, which, sure enough, backed the car out of the driveway, went left, then left again, and again, until we were on SR46, on the way to Brown County State Park. I almost turned around, since I hadn’t brought my annual pass. But to hell with it! We’re going! Will get a day pass. $7. Gulp.

Somehow, it felt important to stay in the flow, and not let the usual “practical,” “thrifty” considerations hold sway.

Puppy Shadow was, as usual, both thrilled and impatient all the way out (about 12 miles), leaping back and forth between front and back seats. Early on, he realized we were going into InDiana’s woods, his very favorite haunt. But just where? He’s used to the four mile drive to Griffy Lake woods. This was obviously not that.

We parked in the little lot  at the top of a ridge, about to take the long trek down, to ogle Ogle Lake, and then back up again. But first, a distance shot.

Oops! Where’s Shadow? I turn around, and he has disappeared down the trail.

Luckily, he did allow himself to be found, and from then on, was on leash. Just too many critters that he wanted to chase off-trail for my comfort zone. After all, he’s grey, the color of tree bark.

So we’re on our way. Pulling every inch, but happy enough.

Love this place. Love this planet. Love this nearly 75-year-old female body, its intent and its willingness to carry me into tiny nearby wildernesses that still do live on, despite all our despoilation. BTW: this being Labor Day, all total, we met about two dozen people going up and down the trail. Way more than usual! Everyone friendly, having a great time. Little kids, big kids, moms and dads, young people, plus three golden doodles.

Shadow just accepted all their accolades — “adorable!” “so cute!”  He just receives them and moves on. How nice to be not swayed by public opinion!

Meanwhile, at the bottom, I notice the now dry stream bed winds serpentine, in several places. Nature does not prefer the “straight and narrow.”

Finally, on the final trail over to Ogle Lake, I let him off leash for awhile. We’re both grateful.

A beautiful little lake! Sometimes we also walk around it. But not today.

On the way back I take a few shots of things I noticed on the way down.

How huge trees with shallow roots sometimes keel over.

How tree roots can cling above ground.

How we humans seem to need to leave our mark everywhere.

How this same tree doesn’t seem to mind, instead shoots straight up to wave its canopied head with its fellows towards the sun.

How shrooms of different kinds colonize the dead.

How, on this day, Labor Day, 2017, autumn colors begin to take hold.

Happy Labor Day!




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3 Responses to Trek to “Ogle Lake” in Brown County: PHOTOS

  1. Fred Kolo says:

    Yes, straight lines and right angles are not inventions of nature.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hey Fred, good hearing from you. Love your extremely observant photos of various aspects of nature. That part of your Dad is coming out in you!

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