Transit Mars call to ACTION: Matt Gaetz vs. Adam Schiff

I’ve been paying attention to events (as usual), especially during this Red October month when, after the Full Moon, first the Sun and then Mars would square the dramatic, forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

I had identified about October 19 through November 5 as the “time of action,” when pugnacious Mars would take over, following the Sun’s illumination of that same aspect pattern.

RED OCTOBER? Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn squared by Moon, then Sun, then MARS, in Justice-Seeking Libra

In terms of Mars “action,” the major rumbling, at least in the U.S., seems to be the growing “(un)civil war” in Washington, D.C. pitting Democrats hunched in a SCIF under the Capitol plotting impeachment against a squadron of Republicans that yesterday, “stormed” their bunker. That action followed this, on Monday, the 21st.

Trump urges GOP to defend him more strongly on impeachment

I decided to look up birth data for two people, Matt Gaetz, the leader of the gang that stormed downstairs, and Adam Schiff, the impeachment leader, who scuttled out of there as soon as the GOP stormtroopers broke in. These two men’s charts can offer a quick sketch of how collective events play out in the lives of individuals whose natal charts are  triggered here Below by the transiting planets in the heavens Above.

I do not have birthtimes for either of these men. So pay no attention to the angles of the chart (Ascendant.Descendant, Immum Coeli and MIdheaven).  What I am interested in, is how the current forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction is reflected in both their charts, especially on a generational, zeitgeistian level. Well guess what? Both men are decidedly triggered by this major conjunction. Matt Gaetz, because he was born in 1962, during the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction, then in Libra, which happens to directly square the current one in Capricorn, and Schiff, because he is right now undergoing his second Saturn return, having had Saturn in mid-Capricorn, where it is now, when he was born. So Bingo. Indeed, double bingo. Both men were made for their roles in the growing (un)civil war in D.C.

First, Matt Gaetz, born May 7, 1962.  Am happy to see that personally, he is stubborn, determined and familiar with hidden, underworld matters: Sun in Taurus opposed to Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio. Plus, he both loves a good fight, and can be a natural diplomat: Mars in Libra opposite Venus in Aries.



As for Schiff, born on June 22, 1960. Well, since this happens to be his Saturn return, he has unconsciously designed this impeachment battle to be the finale to his second Saturn cycle. In other words, he needs to win this battle in order to feel that the last 30 years of his life have been meaningful.

Aha! And notice that Schiff’s (master of deception) Neptune (opposite his Mars) sits very close to Gaetz’s Jupiter, both in Scorpio. Both know well the ways of secrecy, at ease with plumbing (and yanking?)  the levers of hidden power.




BTW: For a particularly snarky look at what’s going on there down below and how it might play out in the future, check out Jon Rapoport’s latest:

Republicans storm secret Democrats’ impeachment hearing






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