Transform society? First, break the taboo on drugs

Amazing, how, up until the November 2012 presidential election, 2012, this idea would have been unthinkable. Now, it feels inevitable.

Just imagine how much energy this single change will unleash. How many cartels will disintegrate. How the CIA will have to downsize. How black ops programs will get defunded. How prisons could be repurposed. How prisoners, newly freed, will rejoice and their families weep for joy. How this culture of secrecy and hypocrisy and violence will crack open to admit the brilliant light that seeks to penetrate our very souls.

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2 Responses to Transform society? First, break the taboo on drugs

  1. While legalization may not actually reduce cartels, It would seem that legalization would shift the focus of the cartel business-model away from mayhem and killing we read is taking place on the general population of northern Mexico.

  2. The undercurrent of CIA budget-enhancement for operations’ funding through drug running seems to never leave us, does it?

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