Today’s Taurus New Moon Is PERSONAL!

See yesterday’s post.

My natal Moon sits at 23°02 Taurus. Today’s New Moon sits at 21°18 Taurus. Less than two full degrees separate my own Moon from the new lunar beginning we are introduced to on this day.

Now it just so happens that, while, as usual, deep in the bowels of my multi-year Recapitulation Project (gathering, retyping, formatting, organizing and archiving my voluminous written output over more than 50 years), I happened to be, this very today, formatting an essay I wrote during the throes of menopause, way back in 1992. This essay, which shares a theme I stress even today — the primacy of the body, the importance of actually being inside ones own body, of feeling oneself as embodied — deeply resonates with what could be considered the main theme of the New Moon in Taurus — full on embodiment and all that implies.

Here is that essay. Even if you aren’t in menopause, even if you’re a man! — I have a feeling you will enjoy one woman’s pressing need for comprehending her own embodied self and its mysterious changes over time.

My Journey through Menopause

As for how I will celebrate this New Moon: I will do a ceremony with this much more aged body today. And I will go to the top of the highest hill in this town as the Sun/Moon sets, so as to be present as the stars become visible. Who knows? Maybe a UFO will wink at me? (Or more likely, a satellite.) In any case, though the Moon is important to human life on earth, we are, as Gurdjieff once put it, “food for the Moon,” in that our emotional lives bind us to earth to such an extent that many people have a great deal of trouble detaching from their own feelings enough to  see beyond the Moon to the solar system and beyond to the galaxy. As a double Sagittarian, of course I want lift-off! You can imagine just how difficult it has been for me to integrate the Taurus Moon with the Sagittarian Sun/Ascendant and Mars. A lifelong journey. And it’s not done yet.


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