Today’s Full Moon in Gemini illumines the Saturn/Neptune square, exact tomorrow!

If you are inside a bubble and its membrane is dissolving, don’t be surprised. Likewise, if your clear, steady, long-standing beliefs about what is real are turning inside out. And if, like me, you have undergone a shock so profound that you cannot yet speak of it . . . That shock tore open a hole in the conceptual ceiling that I didn’t even know I had — and shot me, like a bullet, through that hole into the open sky. That hole transformed into an eye that opened, to reveal the soul, of the universe, talking to me, telling me to go deep, deeper, to let go of all that I thought had “cushioned” my existence on this dear planet, and surrender, breathing, in communion with Earth.

Here’s the chart for today’s Gemini Full Moon that triggers the Saturn/Neptune square, big time, on the day before that major aspect of hitting-the-wall-of-weirdness reaches exactness for the first time in this round — on Thanksgiving Day — in what will prove to be a nearly year-long test of our capacity to be in the world and not of it. Both. At once. With no wavering, no in and out. Only as we act with awareness will we see our way through this foggy, surreal terrain that envelopes humanity, forcing us to learn how to discern real from unreal, truth from falsity, and genuine imagination from mere wishful thinking. None of us has a handle on the Truth. But all of us have unique points of view that can be laced, vibrated, together forming a mysterious web of enlightenment/endarkenment that shoots us high into the cosmos and plants us deep within the fertile soil of the living Earth.

Saturn grounds Neptune.

Neptune spiritualizes Saturn.

“Square”: 90°. The tension between them. The need for integration.

No more greedy materialism without the larger spiritual understanding! No more woo-woo spiritualism without being grounded in real world limits!

Ever since Saturn conjuncted Neptune (along with Uranus) in 1989-1991 and the Berlin Wall suddenly (Uranus) came down, we have been learning that this dissolution (Neptune) of old boundaries (Saturn) did not mean that the world would melt into oneness. Instead, the neocon American Empire seized that opportunity to deceive everybody with stars in their eyes in its decades long drive to divide and conquer the entire world, extracting resources, killing wantonly, and claiming dominion. Wrong!

Hopefully, as Saturn square Neptune from now through next September, Empire will be learning that lesson.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.08.48 AM

P.S. Given that this Saturn/Neptune square triggers my own natal Saturn/Mars/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto configuration, it’s no wonder that though I was shocked, it came as no surprise!



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