To Light Up the Dark, We NEED to Know Just HOW Dark

Warning: This is a post that, if you are full of fear, you will want to skip.

First, remember:

And, that includes those within our government (local, state and federal) — as well as Big Pharma and the entire Medical Industrial Complex — most of whom are pushing for the vax to be mandatory.

If you are still resisting, and/or still on the fence, this might help you decide not to submit to any of them:

The question remains, WHY ARE THEY PUSHING THE VAX?

In case you can’t wrap your mind around the above, check out a more recent post:

The Covid-19 Extinction Level Event

And yet, I notice from The Mayor’s Corner in the local paper, that even in this left-leaning, blue-pilled academic town only about a third of the population has so far taken the vax, and that numbers have “dropped off significantly” in the past few weeks. Wow! Hard to believe! Are people here starting to think for themselves? Of city employees, says the mayor, only 40% have now taken it, despite a “$100 wellness incentive.”

Would love to see one of these in Bloomington.

Meanwhile, this, from one of my favorites on telegram, Danielle Stotjin. I put the entire post in bold.


Appearing in every corner of the world.
More and more of them each day.

They are known as Darkworkers, in contrast and balance to Lightworkers.

And no, dark does not equal evil or bad.
Quite the opposite, in fact. Darkworkers are here to switch on the Light where no one dares to go.

Darkworkers are healers who source their healing power from the raw feminine energies of the Universe, the yin forces.

The darkness that gave birth to the light, when God said: Let there be light!

The darkness that gives birth to new life, like the flower bolbs that push the dark soil of the earth to see the Light.

Lightworkers are healers working with the yang (light) masculine Earth-based energies.
They heal.

We know this through the rise of the number of old souls and Lightworkers over the last many decades.
But the Light didn’t bring about the promised changes yet.

Darkworkers are coming out in force now.
Here to stand by and shine Light in the Dark.

They bring chaos to help push the order of Light so a new Light can shine forth with a non-corrupted truth.

They see through the veil of all human illusion, shattering the human condition, unveiling the God in every person.

They bring death, because they speak to the Dark Goddesses of all ages and all cultures, that death must come before rebirth.

They destroy, because something new can only be created when the old has disappeared and there’s only empty nothingness.

Darkworkers do not step away from dark or empathize with pain because they know that fear is an illusion and your pain is a lie told to you by your human conditioning.

Instead they break you free from your human condition. And hand you back Your true freedom and your true Power.

Darkworkers do not ever compromise the truth or cater to tribal approval.

Darkworkers are rule breakers, system busters and disruptors who will un-corrupt the corrupted Light that exists on Earth.

Time has come to integrate the Dark and the Light.

Proud to be a Light in the Dark

Sending Love into this world ~ Danielle ???

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2 Responses to To Light Up the Dark, We NEED to Know Just HOW Dark

  1. Ellen says:

    Darkworkers are those who represent the energy of Pluto and or Scorpionic energy. We all carry the energy somewhere in our chart. It is a part of all of us and a very necessary part of the whole. It is a healing energy and brings an opportunity to a fresh start, a renewal.

    Scorpio being fixed water, It can be said that it is a container and holding what is not its own to hold. It is carrying the bag for everyone. It is a heavy load and a lot to hold.
    Esoteric astrology describes the axis of Scorpio/Taurus as harmony through conflict. Interesting to know that after all the diplomacy of Libra we find an alternative tact.
    I am and always have been a Darkworker. It was never really a choice as l have a Scorpio ascendant. It has always been difficult, lonely and challenging. I know the work has value and it matters a great deal in the larger picture.

    Ann, you have done an exceptional job on the Darkworker front. I see and appreciate that work. I would never want to let an opportunity to recognize and honor someone for the work they do pass me by. And dang, you don’t even have a Scorpio ascendant. Lol. Anyhow, it seems like THE time to be in the business of the Darkworker now. I hope the rest catch up soon.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      My sidereal chart sports a 29° Scorpio Ascendant.

      Thanks so much for recognizing the work we both do.

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