Tiny Houses featured in Business Insider!

I used to live in a tiny home (actually, it was huge, 330 square foot yurt in the Tetons), for nearly 20 years, the last decade with my late husband, Jeff Joel.

For several years now, I’ve been angling to get my son Sean and his wife Sue and grandkids Kiera and Drew to move here, live in my giant house (1300 square feet with both deck and porch and full unfinished basement); I’ll move to the back yard and put up another yurt, this one 16′ rather than 30′ diameter.

Putting up a permanent live-in yurt in the backyard will take a zoning change. That’s okay, because every time we go before the city government to request it make a change in existing laws we contract to be involved in a teaching moment.

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See What It’s Like to Live in an 89-square-foot ‘Tiny Home’

December 7, 2012

by Julie Zeveloff


There’s been a recent renaissance in small living spaces.

New York City and San Francisco are moving forward with plans to build experimental “micro apartments,” and a small tiny-house community has popped up on the outskirts of Washington D.C.

The idea of a “tiny home” is nothing new —Jay Shafer, founder of the Tumblewood Tiny House Company, has been the face of the movement and a major advocate of the concept for more than a decade.

But their recent rise in popularity “could be seen as a denunciation of conspicuous consumption and a rejection of the idea that more is, well, more,” writes The Washington Post’s Emily Wax.

The homes, often with 200 square feet of living space or less, are brilliant examples of design. For such a small square footage, they can be surprisingly livable.

Shafer took sustainable culture blog *faircompanies inside his own tiny house. Click through to see what life is like in his 89-square-foot residence.

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