TIME FOR ACTION: Transit Mars, now ACTIVATED, squares (fuels) the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction process through the end of the year

How could Mars stay so long in one area, when it usually moves one degree every two days? Because it will turn to go retrograde September 9th, at 28° Aries, and then turn to go direct again on November 14, at 15° Aries, moving forward again over this sensitive cardinal degree area (17°-29° Aries/Capricorn) through the end of December and even into early January.

IF there is a regular election as scheduled on November 3, what will happen next?

And remember that towards the end of December, in fact on the very day of Winter Solstice 2020, December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct each other exactly at 0° Aquarius, signifying a new and exciting, exploratory Aquarian note sounded after a tumultuous Capricorn-dominated year when every single structure and protocol that governed our lives has been pummeled, wasted, destroyed, and so on. And not that the tumult will disappear. Pluto itself moves extremely slowly, and will be undergoing its first return to its own natal place in the U.S. chart through about 2025.

But this is the year, when both Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto, that initiates the longer term Plutonian process of death and rebirth to this nation — and to the entire world. Keep in mind: had it not been a global plandemic, it would have been something else, equally ubiquitous, dangerous, and chaotic — whether planned or not planned by humans. Planetary movement, and meaning, is inexorable. All we can do is learn how to creatively harness and/or surf these forces if at all possible.

Remember, when the Capricorn structures that hold the life force inside certain Saturn patterns; when these protocols disappear, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, ANYTHING.

Innovation, experimentation, AQUARIUS!

I took the above shot at 11:15 AM 8/9/20, which means that the Moon (24°), in the past ten hours or so, has been working with Mars (21°), to square first Jupiter (19°), then Pluto (23°), and within a few hours, Saturn (27°).

Oh my! So what IS going on behind the scenes, everywhere?

When the Frontline Doctors stood up in their white coats, for two days in a row, and spoke Truth, just over a week ago in Washington, D.C. I knew, intuitively, that the tables have turned. Ghislaine denied bail on July 14th was the precursor. But the Full Moon Monday of August 3 really sounded the gong. From now on, the various evil forces (medical mafia, BLM/Antifa goons, world-wide child and female trafficking, etc. etc.) that have seemed to be holding the upper hand will be either on the run, forced to turn, or be exposed, indicted, etc.

When Trump left the White House on Friday and then made those strange remarks about “This may be the last time you’ll see me for awhile,”  and “I have lots of enemies, and they’re very wealthy,” etc. right after he had taken Big Pharma down by slashing  drug prices, anyone who is aware of how Rockefeller Medicine has been killing people and/or making and keeping them sick for decades, wouldn’t be surprised.

Late last night, Gateway Pundit joined in.

RUMORS SWIRLING: Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something Huge Is About to Drop

As warrior Mars ramps up (and remember, Trump’s Mars at 26° Leo occupies the first house of his chart, and so is extremely prominent. The man is fearless. I’ve said for some time now, Donald J. Trump is a colossus, astride the entire world. And we who are NOT afflicted by the personal ego-denying Trump Derangement Syndrome are both thrilled and inspired.

Inspired to what? To take Mars, warrior, action in our own lives. To conquer — face, embrace and erase — whatever we’re still afraid of and move into the courageous action that is ours to do. Whether this means out in public or just in your own private life, it’s time for all of us to drop our stuck roles (our Saturn masks) that hold us in place, “politically correct” (and inwardly either fearful or furious) and instead utilize Saturn’s capacity to transform the ego from a limiting, walling off, blocking action, or denied and projected onto another, into the ego’s original creative function as a focusing mechanism, shooting the energy of full aliveness (Pluto) into the world around us.

I look at my own poison ivy, currently covering my face and neck, and both arms (but beginning to recede after three days full on), and I see it as my own wake-up call. Saturn governs the skin, and Pluto signifies the urushiol fire underneath the skin, swelling and surging (Jupiter) through my own personal body, churning through the Saturn skin that holds me in, turning that skin red, angry, and bumpy.

And that the poison ivy erupted especially ON MY FACE!  Never before!

I ponder this fact . . . and then suddenly, just this morning! — the eureka moment: I AM AFRAID TO WEAR MY JFK JR. MASK! No wonder I sabotaged myself by suddenly and impulsively (Mars) pulling out poison ivy (Pluto), first with gloves on, but then twice more without gloves, stupidly thinking that washing and scrubbing my hands would take care of it. WRONG!

This is something I’ve never ever done before. I’m highly aware of my allergic reaction to poison ivy. What got into me? Now I know, and I must follow the advice I gave myself way back in my mid-20s, when I was just beginning to wake up: WHATEVER I’M AFRAID OF, THAT IS WHAT I MUST DO. (Later I added a caveat: Try Not to Make the Same Mistake Twice!)

How do I know this about my own self-sabotage? Because my Trump 2020 JFK Jr mask, which I have been waiting eagerly for,  arrived just prior to me stupidly pulling out poison ivy and thinking I could escape its effects. Yes. I did that to myself. Sabotaged myself!

It’s time for me to don my Trump JFK Jr. for 2020 mask. Yes. As long as masks are mandated both in this fear-ridden town and in this state, I need to put my face where my heart is, and show it to the world.

Decided my full outfit — hat, mask and Q shirt is just too much.

But I like just the mask . . .

And my lungs like it better when I pull the mask down past my nose (which I do regularly wearing a paper mask in the grocery store, and absolutely nobody says anything).

And yet, it’s not as visually pleasing. Hmmm . . . Since I only wear a mask for less than 15 minutes at a time, I’ll probably go with the more aesthetic version as long as this absolute “plandemic” silliness continues to grip this town, this state, this nation, this world. Yuck.

While awaiting my Trump/JFK Jr. mask, I’ve been wearing my patriot hat into stores with a paper mask. No big deal. Though I’m sure some people instantly ID me as a Trumper in this leftist academic town. And I’ve worn the Q shirt in public and nobody noticed. Not surprising. This is Bloomington, after all . . .

The best thing about my new mask is people on both sides of this politically polarized populace (the vast majority of whom vote Democratic, even though hardly any Biden signs out) will either think I’m trying to be funny or I’m just plain crazy. Maybe even laugh!?! We’ll see. I’m about to find out. Not today, but when my skin clears enough so that my immune system can recover from the terrific blow my self-sabotage put it through due to my own residual F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of wearing my new mask in public.  Mea culpa to myself!

So that’s to be MY FIRST MARS ACTION.


Hey folks! Wake up! It’s time!


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  1. rose day says:

    Hmm . . . the Universe obviously ‘speaks’ to us continually and beyond that, it appears that free will kicks in.

    I have noticed the plethora of spot on ‘message masks’ now available. For the few times I am in the public arena, I don ‘The Mask’ in regard for those who are gulping the ‘official kool-aid’ and are truly terrified.

    My new mask will feature the word PLACEBO.

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