Three (fake?) “news” threads that preoccupy me . . .

I remember where I was when the National Guard shot students at Kent State, on May 4, 1970. I remember that day now, for this day feels similar. A poem raced through my mind then. It does again today. From William Butler Yeats:

Aside from my deep continuing gratitude for the intrepid settlement dug in for winter conditions at Standing Rock, three “threads” in current, rollicking (fake?) news preoccupy me.

First: the constantly expanding and exploding “pizzagate” which does or does not imply a global pedophile/satanic/murder network that I read somewhere (where?) involves one out of three people who work for the USG.

Which leads to the question: How do you identify and detoxify a virulent virus that has possibly infected the entire corpus of civilization? Who is left to investigate? Who will be the judge and jury? What shards of centralized government would remain if we really managed to eliminate this horrific, unspeakable pestilence?

And perhaps that’s the point. No central government would be left standing. Thus, finally, we would have no choice but to decentralize. Start again from the bottom up. Recognize real power, the love that fills and fuels the universe which, when allowed, when all the blocks to its intensity are wiped away, moves through the individual like a river. Each of us in our essence is a uniquely powerful creator being, pulsing underneath the heavy sticky gunky layers of mind-controlled matrix conditioning.

Power from the bottom up: Start with the self, then the household, your nearest neighbors, your neighborhood, your town, your region — network where necessary. Open-source everything; what is needed will be come obvious. (Just speaking off the top of my head here; as if I know. “I” — ego I — know nothing, nothing! I, the detached, compassionate  awareness pulsing through this corporeal body, continuously expands to include whatever lies just over the far horizon).

Meanwhile, pizzagate has fused with the second of my preoccupations, the so-called “fake news” phenomenon, which —  no surprise here — sprung up just as pizzagate was getting legs.

Here’s one current and seemingly thorough summary of the pizzagate/pedophilia/fake news phenomenon. The pedophilia story itself is being calledthe biggest in the 21st century, except for 911. And we might call it a 911 on steroids, reaching everywhere, making the rest of us, and that’s the most of us, vomit in disgust and despair as we strive to come to terms with the ghastly perfidy that we, in our willed innocence, have allowed for  centuries.

Juachim Hagopian:

Deep State’s Final Solution: The Death of Alternative News

The third preoccupation is, if you can imagine, even bigger than the combination of the first two, and that is news that expands our perception of space/time way beyond what we are accustomed to.

Each of us was originally schooled (mind-controlled) to live inside a small space/time bubble, one which includes, for (linear) “time,” at most a few thousand years of history (during which human civilization is supposedly, constantly, “progressing”) and for (3-D) “space,” this Earth, plus tangentially, very tangentially, Earth’s solar system. That’s it. Period.

However, deep history and deep space now begin to gain traction. And in lots of ways. Not only Gobeckli Tepe, but now, supposedly, some kind of long buried under ice settlement in Antartica that magnetized John Kerry on election day and Buzz Aldrin soon after (and made him sick? and did he really tweet that message: “We are all in Danger. It is evil itself”?)

Not surprisingly, this developing story, which I now tell via David Wilcock, is for him threaded into the first two — pedophilia and fake news. Plus, of course, this latest Wilcock/Corey Goode saga includes all sorts of goings-on in space, both near and far. A great, entertaining read, at the very least.

ENDGAME I: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal


ENDGAME II: The Antartic and Ancient ET Ruins

Meanwhile, I suggest you might appreciate this channeled message, one of the very few that I think so worthwhile that I repost it here. It helps. Every little bit helps as — no matter what comes, no matter how strong the winds of rollicking change — we continue to center ourselves within our own bodies, feet securely planted on Earth’s good ground, head open to the Heavens, arms out to embrace the All and Everything.

A Message from Zadkiel, Opening Your Spirit to Unconditional Love — through Sue Lie




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