This week’s Community Dinner: Greek! — and 25 folks crowded into one tiny living room

Why didn’t we just move over to the larger Overhill house instead? Not sure. I guess we like being crowded together.

Huge amounts of food after what seemed like an all day prep, each of the six podmates responsible for one dish. Here’s to the babaganoush!



IMG_2678All ages, from 13 months to little kids, college age, post-college, families, grandparents.

IMG_2684 IMG_2683


And music all the way through, Aaron and Forest, doodling on guitars.


Dancing, prancing, laughing, hearing about life in Bulgaria, loving the energy we’re engendering here, a merry stream turning into a roaring river.

Afterwards, outside by the fire for more music. And Katarina’s baklava! The best ever. Dessert from the goddess!

I went to bed around 9:30. This morning I see that the patio has been chalked again.



IMG_2686And yes, they did cover the fabulous firepit (which our friend Shy picked up at a garage sale) when done. (I had been concerned about sparks, given the strong, gusty winds. And had filled a water bucket to the brim just in case.)


Meanwhile, for today’s Friday morning work party, we covered beds with cardboard and chips, plus moved one of the Garden Towers to be close to the Overhill house for winter herbs.

IMG_2688That tower, which used to anchor the corner of DeKist and Overhill, kept getting its flowers eaten by deer. We’ll have to think about some other kind of anchor for that corner.


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