THIS one day in this one life: local local local!

Yesterday, just as I was finishing the post saying that I had to take off 24 hours from this blog, I received a phone call from Mark, a dear old friend asking to meet, 30 minutes later, for lunch. I invited him over, and and we renewed a soul connection after two years of no personal communication, a soul connection that has always resonated within me, just below the surface, in the calm, still, supportive waters that hold us all in thrall to each other’s souls’ callings. We are all in “this,” whatever this climactic situation is, together, as one current moving into a mighty ocean. Neptune in Pisces!

Home sweet yurt.

Home sweet yurt.

The night before, just as I was finishing the blog post about a day that had joggled my memory of times past, especially of life in the yurt in the Tetons, yes, exactly as I was finishing that post, I received a phone call from my dear old friend Ellen, whom I’ve known since the late ’70s. She and Chuck were also denizens of our “Yurt Park” during those decades (’80s and ’90s) which now seem so halcyon and dreamy, compared to the non-stop multitasking, cascading blipping focus of today’s digital cacophony.

Ellen had called to talk about a situation with a close relative of hers that has been at an impasse for over a year. As we spoke about it, her throat cleared of the grief she had been damming up inside and, guess what, he called, the man in question called her! Right then, after a year! Just as she was clearing whatever was in her that prevented it!

No matter what else, this world, which seems so broken and corrupt and radiated and poisoned (chem-trailed skies filled this morning’s walk, along with my coughing to clear the throat), is — let’s face it and embrace it! — for those of us who give our hearts and souls to life on earth, who immerse ourselves directly and with no reservations in what is, right here, right now, the great, supporting richness that blooms inside each precious, conscious moment, yes, this Life on Earth feels downright magical, full of signs and wonders.

Synchronicity! Follow the trail of synchronicities, for these are signposts for your unique path. Pay attention to them. Thrill with them! The more you notice them, the more they appear to show you your way. And then you realize, with every fiber in your quivering body/mind/soul: this universe we are so blessed to living within is one gargantuan, continuously blooming miracle!

Which brings me to today. I need to beg off this blog until Monday. Too many local currents need attending, in my household, in my neighborhood, and in my community. Suddenly. The present moment, my immediate surroundings, beckon me to take care, to carefully and enthusiastically thread my way forward through this miraculous, light-filled, snowy, crystalline morning.

First, I must set up my new printer. Next, I go to the farmer’s market, from there to a meeting of a local food guild, then segue to a meeting with one of my long-time partners in sustainability here; hopefully, this afternoon, I will be meeting with the person who is taking over the email list for the Green Acres neighborhood, and with my long-time Green Acres neighborhood activist partner.

We ARE all in this together. Nobody left out. Nobody left over. All beings, all quirky weird wonderful beings of all species and elements, people and other animals, plants, stones, rivers, mountains, the sun and other stars in the sky — we breathe together as ONE BEING!

So shine! Damn it, shine! Does the Sun need the Moon? Do you have to wait to receive reflections before acting? Huh? Are you akin to the reflective Moon or to the shining Sun? HUH? Which one are you? Moon or Sun? DECIDE.

Until Monday!

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  1. rose day says:

    I love to refer to magical moments as “sing-chronicity” and they seem to be manifesting in

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