THEORY: “The current administration has until June 14th . . .”

” . . . to cede power to the rightful winner, Donald J. Trump.”


Sorry you have to enlarge to see. I did too! And you DO want to read the entire thing.

Meanwhile, I decided to do a chart for June 14, noon, Washington, D.C. Probably should have done it for late afternoon there, since that’s when the Moon will briefly trigger a certain square/opposition. But here it is for noon, and it does contain not just one, but two timing triggers, the second one much more powerful.

Notice the Moon at 11°, Saturn at 13° and Uranus at 13°. By four p.m. or so, Moon will exactly oppose and square the Saturn/Uranus square which has been operating since February, will do so until the end of 2021, and which, during the entire month of June through the first few days of July, focuses the exact square at 13°.

Remember: Strict Saturn wants to preserve the status quo, and eruptive Uranus makes that impossible. Long-standing Saturn structures, both visible and invisible, are breaking down in slow motion. (And that includes “rigging elections,” a long-standing Saturn structure.)

Especially, note Mars, at 1° Leo. Mars will serve as a much stronger trigger when it reaches 12-13° Leo  (or even a few days ahead of that, since impulsive Mars tends to operate ahead of exact aspect), and this will occur as June ends and July begins.

Note that various sources have said that Trump will again be at Mt. Rushmore over the July 4th holiday. Hmmm . . . and (again?) with JFK Jr?



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