The Vortex Nature of our Curved Electric Universe: The New Physics of Bio-mimicry

Wow. Here’s a URL to sink my teeth into.

Bubble Chamber


Billed as “Vortex Basics from the Sub-Atomic to the Super-Galactic” and “The New Physics of Bio-mimicry.”

If you wonder why this, what the website calls “dissenting science,” is relevant to our current predicament as a (mostly still-) blindfolded race on a prison planet, here’s the home page text. Do check it out.


This a visual tour with accompanying links to the evidence

of the Vortex nature of our Curved Electric Universe. This version

has been stripped down for easier assimilation for those new to these subjects.

It is best to scroll through this page rapidly a few times so that you get

the feel of where it is going. Then start reading the pages from the link on each picture,

starting from the beginning.

Advanced Explanation

The holistic, integrated view of our present predicament

This is the evidence describing the Vortex nature of our curved and divided, Electric Universe of appearances, from the so-called “sub-atomic” to the super-galactic, as opposed to the four dimensional, curved space and time of einstein’s imagination. This site details the cause of our Universe of appearances due to the optical nature of gravity controlled light, which pushes and pulls electricity and its resultant magnetism into vortices of expansion or compression, thereby creating all of the various conditions of matter and energy witnessed by mankind through our limited senses and technical instruments.

The history of suppression of knowledge and inventions by the global elite and the mechanisms and machinations by which they operate in plain view, without being noticed by the populous at large, will be thoroughly addressed in the many links found upon this page as well as links to the many recent findings which validate this Cosmology of Light.

I have woven together many disparate theories found in the links from this web page, which interface with one another in their central tenets, relating to vortices. The various theorists are describing similar perceptions of the mechanics of our Universe according to different terms at times and from different levels of observation at others. The point of my work here is to show via the latest discoveries, the similarity of all these alternative and dissenting theories which are diametrically opposed to the physics as taught by corporate academia.

These theories have born technologies, which will free us from the present pyramidal systems of control administered by the global elite, central bankers, energy barons, and war mongers. When the people of this planet finally understand this dissenting science, they will demand the immediate release and production of all free energy machines for the benefit of mankind as a whole.

YouTube link: The Electric Universe, 4 Parts

YouTube link: The History of our Electric Universe, 7 Parts

YouTube link: Electric Universe Predictions

YouTube link: A revealing critique of the false academic Cosmology

YouTube link: Plasma Cosmology Fundamentals

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