The vaccines, the soul, and personal sovereignty

For those who wonder why DJT promoted the “vaccines,” check this out. Makes sense to me, given the political pressures upon him and the stakes for the entire human species.

Santa Surfing deepens the reflection, with a Rudolf Steiner quote:

Steiner actually had a lot to say about what’s happening now:

I remember a few decades ago, when “soul retrieval” was a popular workshop. Hmmm. . . maybe this is why? But: can the soul actually be eliminated? Or just hidden from access.

Descartes, by the way, whom I diss regularly as the inventor of the still activated, and extremely pernicious mind/body split, also said that the connection between the mind and the body was located in the pineal gland, which he called the “seat of the soul.” Of course academic philosophers ignore this aspect of his teaching.

If Descartes is right, then might the soul be activated through cleansing the usually calcified pineal gland, due to fluoride in tap water? I know there are two assumptions in that last sentence, but bear with me. First, though functional at birth, the pineal gland does quickly calcify in this cultural context, due not only to fluoride, but to the way we are taught to use language.

Next, flouride IS the culprit. Plus, we can decalcify the pineal gland, thus allowing us access to the soul, which when functioning, offers guidance for every single choice we make throughout our lifetimes, should we choose to listen to “the small still voice within,” should we choose to notice synchronicities, should we choose to pay attention to our dreams and visions.

Pineal Gland Calcification: The Cause & the Consequence

Whatever “they” try to do to us, there is usually an antidote. For example, with the scary “spike proteins” which can supposedly cause so much damage, check out this, and a possible remedy: pine oil tea, which contains “suramin.”

Meanwhile, it may be that the covid psy-op is being extended to cover for the ongoing exposure of the pedophile/SRA/murder/adrenochrome hell that has infected society as an extremely lucrative undercurrent for decades, if not for thousands of years.


No matter how impossibly difficult the situation on planet earth now seems, remember, someday, this too shall pass.

Even now, I don’t know about you, but I personally do know a few people who are awake, not woke. And with these people, we can not only analyze the current bullshit, but step, full of faith, into infinities beyond.


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