THE TRUMP DOCTRINE: The Larger Context of the General Milley Imbroglio?


On July 16th, both Tucker and Steve Bannon’s War Room with Eric Prince zeroed in on wokester General Milley as either an incompetent lunatic fool or a seriously misguided or compromised or blackmailed or go-along-with-whatever-crowd operative for the Deep State.

Sundance widens the context to discuss “The Trump Doctrine,” how it puts the military in a subservient role, thus raising hackles of the Military Industrial Complex that has ruled this country at least since Eisenhower, in his farewell address, named it that and said so.

A Reminder About Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley as a Political Operative

Also, pay attention to the comments below the above article, 386 of them, so far. I especially appreciated the comments by Jeffrey Coley, Brian Simpson, Felona, Bessie 2003, Sherrie Faye, John, and Capt Rick1974 on page one. Haven’t gone any further.

I think we are beginning to get a glimmer of why the military did not “come to the rescue” after the fraudulent election. Not only have the courts, the congress, and the executive branches shown themselves as corrupt, but so has the military, or at least it seems so. Though there might be some portion of it that can still be trusted and that is, in fact, undergoing worthy clandestine operations out of the public eye.

The states are beginning to flex their muscles. As are individuals in localities in various ways. As are approximately one half of Americans who consider their own bodies sovereign and refuse to get the jab.

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump wasn’t kidding when he promised he would “DRAIN THE SWAMP” which, more and more, especially during these last nerve-wracking 18 months, we realize has been threaded through, poisoning and undermining, all human activity world-wide for decades, if not centuries, even millennia.

No wonder the job is nowhere near done.

P.S. Here’s Sebastian Gorka’s view of The Trump Doctrine adding more complexity to the way Trump sees and works with geopolitical issues.



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