The (surprising) financial “bottom line” of the increasing phenomenon of homelessness

For those who still think that what counts most, no matter what the topic, is “the (so-called) bottom line,” i.e., money, here’s a post about a financial study that will rock your socks off, re: homelessness, and what “it” costs society, as well as, of course, the struggling folks who are trying, and failing, in this acceleratingly top-down society, to just get out of the relentless sun and rain and snow and wind with a simple roof over their heads, a place to store their few scraps of stuff, and maybe, just maybe, a bit of privacy, security, so better to sleep at night.

Imagine yourself homeless. Imagine day after night after day not knowing what’s next. Maybe you’re an addict, and/or maybe you’ve been diagnosed “mentally ill,” and/or maybe you’re just a castaway, or the son or daughter of one; or maybe you’re someone who just didn’t have family money and connections behind you, or the arrogance needed to “make it” on your own in this predatory economic system that sluffs people (read: “useless eaters”) off in order to keep on funneling “profits” to the, what is it now, .0001%?

Neptune has been moving through its home sign Pisces since 2012, and will remain there until 2026. That’s 14 years during which Neptune’s spiritualizing influence is felt more intensely than at any other time in its 164 year cycle through the zodiac. Fourteen years; surely enough time for each of us individually and all of us collectively to transform our own tendencies to addiction and distraction and denial (unevolved Neptunian phenomena) into compassion, empathy, communion, indeed union with all of life (evolved Neptunian phenomena). And yes, better sooner than later, eh?

thinkprogress via Rose

Leaving Homeless Person on the Streets: $31,065. Giving Them Housing: $10,051.


A homeless man sits on a sidewalk in Miami, FL CREDIT: AP PHOTO/ALAN DIAZ



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