The seemingly accelerating list of top world bank resignations: what does it mean?

I keep getting the nagging feeling that, as usual, all is not as it appears with what seems, at first reading, to be very good news. As of yesterday, reports 320 world bank resignations. Check it out!

This acceleration seems good, seems like the cabal’s dominos are falling, in line with what Fulford, Wilcock and lots of channelled sources have been predicting. And it may be that. Alternative readings, however, are possible. For example, this thought occurred to me: what if these people are being fired by the invisible ones above them, because they are standing in the way of whatever their next nefarious scheme is? What if these folks are just “middle management” types that have added unneeded layers of bureaucracy?

If that’s the case, then our naive assumption that these resignations are “good” lulls us back to sleep and plays right into their hands.

Or: what if these resignation numbers are not unusual; it’s just that we’re now focusing on them, and counting? How many resignations occurred, for example, during the first three months of 2011? 2010? 2009? 2005? etc.?

We know something big, huge, unprecedented, weird is happening, right beneath our noses, and still hidden to (or by) the MSM. But WHAT?

Such a wild, wild ride!

Yesterday, a post led me to an Alex Collier video, in which, during the first few minutes, he claims that indeed, the ones leaving are cluttering the field, and that my hunch was right: the cabal is just streamlining the pyramid to prepare for their introduction of a world government and a single currency. True?

And today, I come across this thread on, where somebody has taken the time and ingenuity to do research comparing this year with other years, and, interestingly, has found that indeed, the number of resignations is way, way up.


Watching, waiting, and, meanwhile, breathing, centering in the divine maelstrom, as usual.


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4 Responses to The seemingly accelerating list of top world bank resignations: what does it mean?

  1. r. smith says:

    they know that life as we know it will end within the next year. a few months ago i received a hologram re the Hopi legend of the blue ketchina. When the blue star appears, the arrival of the PURIFIER is imminent. This galactic wave has already left the center of our galaxy and will arrive on schedule as predicted also by the Mayans. Get ready for the 5th world.

  2. Susan McElroy says:

    You know, Ann, I was also wondering if worldwide the bank firings and leave-takings happen at this rate all the time. Who generally looks at such numbers. 300-something world-wide seems pretty peanuts to me…

  3. Whattheheck says:

    I’m not sure what all this resignations signify. Could it mean that they are starting to feel the heat and are jumping ship? Who are the guys going to replace them and what are their agendas? Maybe we should be looking at them, to find out what the scheme is.

    Here’s some news.

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