The Secret Language and Value of Weeds

broadleafplantain-300What we call “weeds” — hardy plant species that grow uninvited —  tell us about soil conditions. What minerals are present or missing; acidic,alkaline; soggy, dry; compacted, disturbed, clayish . . . And they give us clues as to what will grow well alongside or instead of them, as well as what to plant to help harmonize soil imbalances.

Listen to Your Weeds!

Put your ear to the ground and hear what your weeds are saying about your soil.

Here’s another article that offers an enormous compendium of indicator weeds. Via Keith.

Weeds as Indicator Plants

How about eating weeds? If so, which ones? 

Edible Weeds

I’m not alone in thinking that if a plant grows up by itself, it must be marvelously adapted to its environment. Something we humans have apparently forgotten. Let us recognize weeds as both food and medicine!

18 Edible Backyard Weeds with Extraordinary Health Benefits

Another one:

Please eat the dandelions: 9 edible garden weeds

Damn! Just realized that I’ve been pulling up wild amaranth (pigweed).

Mea culpa!


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