The Presidential Selections: And what will become of us?

On this day that the Republican Convention begins, I find it very difficult not to agree wholeheartedly with Michael Collins’ assessment of the future, should either Trump or Clinton become President. They’re both dangerously crazy: the first because he’s way too impulsive, the second because she’s totally determined to have her own way, and her past actions prove her warlike intentions. I understand both temperamental conditions, and in fact, share in both of them, being way too impulsive at times, wrecking whatever’s around me, and at other times, so controlling that I push everyone away. Neither quality makes for the kind of temperament needed — not just for “the highest office in the land,” but for regenerating life on earth in all our precious little localities where authentic intimacy with both humans and the planet is still possible if we resolve to learn how to continuously release our own lonely egos.

End Times: When Supreme Court Justices Just Don’t Matter

Which makes me think that the only card left to play that might change the “game,” is the alien card. The question is, who will play it first? The corporatocracy, with a so-called “alien invasion,” long prepared for by decades of  “evil ET” movies? Or Putin, who is reportedly being assisted by “good”? ETs? Or the ETs themselves?

Then there are those, like myself, who sense that the only reason we have not already nuked ourselves to smithereens, either accidentally or by intention, IS alien interference. See this.

That I would entertain such extreme thoughts shows the level of my own desperation. I just don’t see our way through this perilous presidential season without some kind of hail mary pass or otherwise completely unpredictable event/process which CHANGES EVERYTHING. And, come to think of it, that’s highly likely! Well, good. Because otherwise, it does appear that if the U.S. presidential season proceeds as usual, we thereby usher in our own extinction, not gradually, through climate change, but quickly, via nuclear exchange.





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