The numerological/spiritual significance of these three October days




What do these three days all have in common?

1: signifies new beginnings, initiation, ignition.

2: signifies balance, relationship, contradiction, paradox.

0: signifies the GOD FORCE, added to whatever number.

1: is male, thrusting, phallic.

2: is female, curving, pregnant, nourishing.

The first date adds up to 7.

The second date, today, adds up to 8.

The third date, tomorrow, adds up to 9.

For more, look up the numerology of these three numbers yourself!

Me? I’m headed downtown, for my first “date” in months: with my son Colin Cudmore:

First, acupuncture in adjoining rooms at 9:;30 AM

Second: brunch.

Tben, this afternoon at 2 p.m., THE PLUMBER ARRIVES TO DRAIN THE KITCHEN SINK Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto SWAMP. YES! We did our best. Various approaches over a solid week. No luck.

Thank you thank you to all those who help keep the rest of us humming along, fixing this, repairing that, renovating that. Hats off to all the workers of the world.

Which reminds me. This early morning, on our pre-dawn walk, I saw headlights coming towards us. A garbage truck. Shadow and I waved, with a big smile.

As the truck passed, the driver gave a tiny, significant honk back.


I, a number 1, waved to another number 1, and the result was 2, RELATIONSHIP: however short, however curtailed, that smile/wave/honk split the universe open for that zero second, to the infinite GOD FORCE, LOVE.


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