The “Event,” Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence, THIS month or next?!?

I had decided to take this day, Saturday, off, completely off, from this computer and all screens — but then I furtively decided to check my email. And there it was; a new missive from David Wilcock, designed to suck me in. His blogposts are so rare, and usually so interesting, that of course I had to read it immediately.

The Nightmare Is Almost Over: Part I

After reading it I decided to repost it, NOW, since it dovetails eerily with another piece that, actually, I hadn’t wanted to read at all, but that drew me in a few days ago and then held me, spellbound, all the way through. Since then it has sat, on my screen, waiting to see if I would repost it.

2012portal: Intel About the Event

Well, the synchronicity between these two posts, or, I should say, their near identity predicting a huge ramp up in the very near future (yeah, I know, we’ve heard that over and over again, and nothin’ changes!) — what Cobra is calling “The Event,” a 24-hour period in which everything will change, and what Wilcock is also referring to as an “event” — though at least at first, he names it as the time when the shadowy workings of the cabal will be spotlighted for all to see. That does seem to be happening already, no? especially this week, via the ongoing exposure of the NSA data mining and the fun-and-fact-filled Bilderberg Fringe Festival in merry olde England that shines unwelcome attention on what used to be the super-secret, members-only annual Bilderberg meeting of the PTB just down the road.

BTW: check out David Icke’s entrance to the Bilderberg Fringe Festival:

But the “event” that both Cobra and Wilcock are really interested in, is of course, official Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence, since that’s the game-changer that knocks any other piece of news, no matter how large or astonishing, out of the park. Plus, both Cobra and Wilcock include a focus on terrestrials aligned with ETs to help achieve the changeover (Cobra calls this group “the resistance,” Wilcock calls it “the alliance”).

Meanwhile, three days ago huffingtonpost admitted — in a story that sports the usual tee-hee title — that a video of the former Canadian Minister of Defense on the ET presence has gone viral.

Paul Hellyer, Ex-Defense Minister, believes in aliens (VIDEO)

Here’s the video, again.

Hellyer: “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead. . . at least four species have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.”

Oh, and here’s one from Lee Spiegel, huffpost, just in today:

UFO With S-Shaped Fin Photographed Over Netherlands

So. Are we ready?

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