The Earth is plenty big enough to feed all of us.

The cabal is wrong. None of us are “useless eaters,” Time’s new cover story on “How to Die” (pull granny’s feeding tube and get paid to do it) and Ted Turner’s claim that we need to reduce the population from seven to two billion notwithstanding.

Plus, I remember seeing somewhere that even if all six billion (it was six billion when the video was made) were to be crowded into Australia, and each given I think it was a half-acre of land to grow food, we would all fit in the state of Queensland, with the rest of Australia, and the entire rest of the planet left over . . .

The photo is probably photoshopped — but clearly this is the wave of the future. See also my son’s gardentower.

From “Recycled Art Foundation.” Claims to be “world’s first vertical food forest, in Milan.”

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  1. ksense says:

    I heard (when the population was 6B) that you could crowd every person into the city of Jacksonville, FL. (our largest city by area). If you split us into groups of 4 and gave each a half acre and house, we’d fit in the state of Texas

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