The Deep Dark Meets the Spreading Light: Dr. Peter McCullough and Clay Clark

I am pleased to report that the Bloomington City Gov has declared masks no longer required inside public spaces and crowd-sizes no longer limited to 15. That’s as of TODAY. We’ll see how long the virtue-signaling fearful ones take to remove their face diapers and stop avoiding each other. Plus, how long will local stores take? Some big box stores have already shifted their mask policies. But our beloved local co-op? The board has already announced that they will continue the mask policy! Too bad. I’ll have to tell them I will no longer shop there until they wake up.

Meanwhile, how about this tee-shirt?

Australian Dr. Peter McCullough has gone full-blown “conspiracy theorist” in his intuitive and evidence-based recognition that “something is off”  . . . over and over again repeating that phrase in this startling interview.

Dr. Peter McCullough tells “Tucker Carlson Today” the world has gone off the rails with treating Covid-19

As counterpoint to the above, equally startling, do watch the latest X-22 Report Spotlight with Clay Clark, the force behind April’s Tulsa Oklahoma Health and Freedom event. I had wondered who organized it. And now I know. Extremely interesting and exciting to just watch this man explode into a light-driven force of nature. Extraordinary. His entrepreneurial attitude, and his bright fire, is contagious, exactly what is needed to inspire more awake folks to get off the couch and proceed to shape-shift this world in the beautiful direction of our collective intent.

Pandemic Narrative Is Crumbling, Walls Are Closing in on Fauci.

P.S. A second Health and Freedom event is planned for Tampa Florida in June. See his website,

For more on the Tulsa event, see this “amazing update”.

Remember: there are way, way, WAY! — more of us than of them. And as the plandemic/scamdemic was global, so is this transformation from a contractive world of fear to an expansive world of love.


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