The astrology of the 8.2 Chile earthquake and highly local synchronicities

April’s first day initiated a tumultuous, convulsive process that I imagine will be echoed and amped up spasmodically during the month ahead, given that the T-cross in cardinal signs (Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto) will move into exactness at 13°, culminating during the already historic third week of April when Mars, moving Rx, will cross the missing fourth point in the exact cardinal cross also at 13° and trigger the whole configurations all at once. See this.

The week of April 20-27: When the Shift Hits the Fan?

Meanwhile, yesterday’s gigantic earthquake was astonishing, in both precision and exactness. An 8.2 earthquake, at 8:46 p.m., local time, off the coast of Chile, just as the newly discovered, and very slow moving body of Eris (goddess of discord) was entering its daily four-minute touchdown to the Ascendant of the local chart while opposing Mars.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 16.55.21


Plus, if you will notice in the chart, on yesterday, April Fool’s Day, the Sun at 11° Aries, began to conjunct Uranus at 12° Aries (exact today and waning tomorrow), prefiguring the Mars triggering action during the upcoming third week, and briefly lighting up the unpredictable, sudden changes, quality of current events, including geophysical. And take note as well of yesterday’s eruption of the volcano in Peru . . .

Meanwhile, what I’ve been noticing in my own life is an extraordinary cascading synchronicity of events, so much so that it feels as if I’m acting out some wild role in a highly dramatic and mostly hilarious well-made play, with many of the synchronicities too intimate to tell you about (the very best stuff can’t be blogged. Damn!), but here’s one that can . . .

I was busy with Rebecca, my neighbor and partner in the Green Acres adventure, planning what we’re going to accomplish here, especially by the end of this week and next, now that spring has started to spring. Well, you wouldn’t know it from the looks of the GANG garden yet — here’s a photo from a week or so ago —


— but the two of us were busily scribbling on our tablets, making lists. We were walking around outside, front yard my house, back yard, front yard her house, side yards, garage, garden, etc. etc., and of course, synchronistically speaking, the rain had stopped just prior to our going out and started again shortly after Rebecca finished getting all the baby plants back into the greenhouse.


We stopped by the street in front of my house. I looked down at the tarp covered pails, lifted up the tarp. “DAMN! The garbage truck forgot to take my recycling!” I cry, hysterical.

“Oh! Look!” Rebecca cried, as a garbage truck rumbled into view, on its way to some other errand. We flagged it down.

So, I guess what I want to say here is that despite all the nonsense going on geopolitically, and despite the thrusting crustal expansions (via earthquake and volcanos) geophysically (it does seem as if Mother Earth is blowing her gaskets, eh? Pissed at us humans, eh?), with all the incredible synchronicities linking changing solar system dynamics Above with the often myopically considered human and planetary dynamics here Below, to me, the synchronicities such as that conveniently placed, in space and time, garbage truck lend a sort of rousing reassurance to the tale, signalling don’t worry, be happy, all is well, all is very very well. We are in good hands.

“Wherever I go with workshops, I find the readiness to experience a collective awakening. I’m astonished by how explicit this is. It’s a sense of wanting to belong to the Earth, aching for reverence for the Earth. Again and again, I believe that people would be ready to die for our world, to save the life process. There is something pressing within the heart-mind that is just huge. It’s happening very fast.” — Joanna Macy

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  1. Love your comments on recent synchronicity’s and the feeling of playing out some wild role…since last Nov-Dec it’s felt like I’m following a script laid out 10,000 yrs ago and the magic of the land has come alive with profound synch’s that can only be seen and understood thru my eyes. Can’t begin to make sense of them verbally w/out sounding wack-o-doodle…thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, and I just read that post through again. I had somehow misplaced the crucial paragraph, signalling the wild arrival of the garbage truck! So glad you read it and I could catch the strange error . . .

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