The Astrology of SOTU 2019: A Call to “Greatness”

I kept checking the site early yesterday evening, and kept noticing a 9:10 p.m. time given for the start of the SOTU address. Interesting. Hmmm. Had the address begun at 9:00 p.m. as otherwise advertised, it would have put the 29th degree of critical, analytic Virgo on the Ascendant. But delaying it by just a few minutes, and indeed, by planning to delay it by just a few minutes, the Ascendant, which moves at about 4 minutes per degree, had shifted to zero degrees of diplomatic Libra, when Trump began, after breaking protocol — usually the Speaker of the House introduces the President, and he only shook hands cordially with Nervous Nancy Dressed-in-White — he then launched in. The time was 9:07 p.m. I watched. I kept check.

Not only was 0°31 Libra on the Ascendant, but the zero degrees of all four cardinal signs were present on the four angles (Aries Descendant, Capricorn Immum Coeli, Cancer Midheaven), stressing the brand New Beginning that this speech signified. One wonders if Trump’s tweet yesterday morning, congratulating those who follow the Lunar New Year —


— was this tweet part of a coded message to the world? We are beginning again. Are you coming with us? Which then, makes me wonder also: did “the maestro,” as serialbrain2 calls him, deliberately, using masterful 4D chess moves, make sure that Nancy would set the SOTU date for February 5, rather than January 29, in order to fall on this Lunar New Year date? Hmmmm . . .

The chart shows Venus at 2° Capricorn, at the very bottom of the chart, endowing the root of this SOTU moment with the Ascendant Libra’s ruling planet’s bid for harmony. The current transit of Venus also happens to sit directly across from Venus, at 3° Cancer, in the U.S. chart.

Moreover, the SOTU chart shows Moon at 0°03 of watery Pisces. In other words, the Moon has just moved out of mental, often fractious Aquarius, furthering the mood of the moment into loving compassion.

But what struck me especially, about this SOTU chart, was that the only planet on the eastern side of the chart was Jupiter,  in its ruler, Sagittarius, occupying the third house normally ruled by Sagittarius’s polar opposite, Gemini. And true to the Jupiterian theme, his entire 1 hour 20 minute speech was composed of (third house) facts and figures about the current state of our union, all of which he then consistently couched within a large, overreaching philosophical perspective (Jupiter in Sagittarius) asking us to reach for our common longing for “Greatness.” And

“Great Nations Don’t Fight Endless Wars.” 

And yet, there he was, a single individual, having endured endless abuse from mainstream media, Democrats and even some Republicans, the FBI and the Justice Department, on and on —standing up tall and proud in front of all of America, the individual (eastern side of the chart), asking all the rest of us (western side of the chart) to come together, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as citizens of one land.

All further quotes taken from CNN transcript:

One of the striking visuals of this occasion was, of course, for the most part newly elected, and white-suited female Democratic Representatives, led by similarly white-clad Pelosi, who apparently used hand gestures to tell them when to applaud. I didn’t notice this — so preoccupied was I with her fidgeting with papers (what were they? Trump’s speech?) — except once.

Trump’s mastery showed in his relationship to the white suits to whom he made, as I recall, a series of three distinct calls out to them, one after another, giving them what they want, respect and admiration. Right away, they were on their feet, not only thrilled, but clapping, hugging each other, and dancing. Like little kids! After the second call out, when they started to sit back down, he said something like, “No, wait. Don’t sit down yet. You’re going to like this too!” Trump was obviously enjoying himself hugely. And yes, they did like that one, too.

Thus did our maestro magically conjure up  unity with these female warriors, perhaps his most intense opponents!

Meanwhile, the twitter world immediately made fun of the white suits, saying that all they needed was hoods to turn into KKK.

Which brings me back to the chart for the SOTU: notice what fuels it: a set of furious red squares between old fuddy-duddy Saturn, now approaching primal, powerful Pluto holding the fort, both in traditional Capricorn, and impulsive Mars having just now conjuncted the “discontented goddess” Eris and on its way to unpredictable Uranus in Aries. Oh boy! Let us see the white suits as Aries, trying to be contained/constrained by another white suit, but decidedly Saturn/Pluto even so: Nancy Pelosi. It’s not going to work, folks. These young ones are just too big for her old britches.

And maestro Trump playing with them all.

So much about this speech was Cancerian (Cancer on the Midheaven, the path), calling upon America as our home and family, where we protecting innocent children, both those trafficked through the porous border with Mexico, and  full-term babies, now legally murdered in New York.

Odd that the white suits didn’t stand and applaud this traditionally female role, that of bearing, rearing, nurturing the young! What has happened to feminism, that it has devolved so dramatically into not just wanting to be just like the men (that’s what Trump was applauding, and why they were dancing in glee), but to actually separating from and even hating our own biological/spiritual destiny!

BTW: even before Trump entered the House, I sensed a feeling in the air. Not exactly of unity, but of . . . what? Celebration? Excitement? Anticipation? It did seem as if everybody in the audience was poised on the edge of the New Beginning that his large, generous presence then dramatically, and with great skill, precision and passion, heart and head and soul united inside himself, called forth the same from us.

Both CBS and CNN announced a 76% approval rate from the American people.

Yes. Let’s do make America Great. Finally.




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