The Astrology of “Happy 63rd birthday, Mr. President!”

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So, if you recall, I noted that Trump’s progressed Sun moved into Virgo during his presidential campaign, just in time for him to buckle down, let go of massaging his own ego, and get to work, behind the scenes, serving others.

It’s been a mixed bag since, with his bragging rights continually vying with what he has or has not actually accomplished. Yet not even the never-Trumpers would argue that the man doesn’t work (or at least tweet) hard; legend has it that he gets only four or five hours sleep a night, and despite, fast food as his daily diet (true?), is apparently one of the strongest, savviest, and healthiest oldsters on the planet.

I’ve pointed to current transits in his natal chart recently, which include both lucky (transit Jupiter conjunct his Sun/Moon opposition) and difficult (transit Saturn/Pluto opposing his natal Venus/Jupiter, triggered, during these two weeks, by transit Mars).

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Giant Jupiter Hands Trump A Big Win in Deal with Mexico

Today this world-famous oldster turns 73, and for this occasion, I decided to check in on his secondary progressed chart, which uses the formula one day per year for the progressed Sun; all other progressed planets, except the Moon, move at correspondingly slower rates.

In this scenario, since Trump’s Sun was at 21° Gemini when he was born, it moved into Cancer when he was ten years old. At 40 it then moved into Leo, when he lorded it over others for 30 years. Trump’s glory days, when he built his fortune to astronomical levels, despite bankruptcies, were during those golden Leo years.

The first time I checked his progressed chart, was during the 2016 campaign, and noted that his progressed Sun, which moves, remember, through one full sign in 30 years, had just passed from Leo into Virgo! In other words, during that campaign, his progressed Sun moved over his 29° Leo Ascendant, culminating thirty years of more and more, bigger and bigger real estate/casino/television developer energy, into something quite different, which I imagine took him a while to absorb and adjust to.

What? King Trump, finding himself, as President of the United States, in a new 30-year phase of service to others from behind the scenes, utilizing careful intellectual analytic energy rather than braggadocio?

Oh, and BTW, remember the August 21 2017 eclipse, which went directly across the entire United States? That eclipse just happened to occur at 29° Leo, conjunct Trump’s Ascendant, which itself, remember, is conjunct the royal fixed star Regulus: The King.

And so yes, it’s taking awhile for him to tone himself down, to get beyond the egocentric Leo energy, and, interestingly enough, looking at his progressed chart for today, on his 73rd birthday, I note that his progressed Moon (which moves through one sign in 2.5 years), is itself now at 29° Leo, directly on his Ascendant (and that eclipse point), where his Sun was during much of his campaign, until sliding into Virgo.

So. Now not just the progressed Sun, but also the progressed Moon is also soon to be in Virgo, and, since the Progressed Sun is still only at 2° Virgo, the Progressed Moon is just about to catch up to it. Within two weeks or so the progressed Moon will enter Virgo, and on precisely September 16, 2019, it will reach 3°00 Virgo exactly on the same day that the progressed Sun reaches that same degree. So what does that mean?

It means that Trump is about to experience a brand new lunation cycle, or progressed Sun/Moon cycle, one which will, last for the next 30 years, and, since he’s already 73, I imagine it will be the final one of this lifetime.

Yes. Trump’s  Progressed Sun, now at 2° Virgo (progressed Sun moving at the rate of one degree per year), is about to be joined by the Progressed Moon, now at 29° Leo and sitting exactly on his Ascendant, after crossing over his Mars a few months ago, during which time more and more stories have been coming out about how he is now “winning,” especially with the conclusion of the Mueller investigation that has been hounding his every move ever since he was elected, the appointment of William Barr as Attorney General, the triumph of the deal he struck with Mexico, and his apparently triumphant return to England when, once again, he wined and dined with the Queen and her entourage, this time bringing along, not only his wife Melania, but much of his large family.

On the not-so-triumphant side, that the progressed Moon is now sitting on his egocentric Ascendant certainly makes sense with all the seeming war-mongering news over these past six months, ever since progressed Moon crossed over his natal Mars, and apparently directed by  his appointed warmongering representatives on the world stage, Pompeo and Bolton, who have been fulminating for war with first China, and now, especially with Iran.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, will be very very glad to see Trump’s progressed Moon shift from Leo to Virgo. For while his Leo Ascendant/Mars combination makes him nearly invincible, plus completely at ease striding like a colossus across the world stage, the shift into a new progressed lunation cycle will, I presume (and hope), find him acting less and less egocentric, and more and more in service to the whole, as time goes on.

His progressed Sun has been wanting to be of service ever since it moved into Virgo during his campaign, But his progressed Moon has been fighting the newly service-oriented Sun, relishing his role as the big Leo kahuna, and bragging about it.

BTW: for any two signs that are right next to each other in the zodiac, the second sign corrects the excesses of the first. So, for the Leo/Virgo combo, the selfish, even narcissistic attitude of Leo yields to the behind-the-scenes Virgo servant, hard at work, selflessly perfecting, analyzing, paying attention to detail.

On the other hand, remember, the progressed Chart is an overlay upon the original natal chart. It shows how the person can develop, if they follow the laws of their own nature. While his Leo has been absolutely crucial in establishing his role on the world stage, and while it will always be there, underneath, as Regulus, the King, par excellence, he is now preparing on an unconscious level to just. plain. work. hard. To get the job done and do it right. And what is that job? It is, he says on his 73rd birthday, “to make the U.S. successful.”  Notice he didn’t use the word “great.” That would have been more a Leo-like pronouncement, one he’s been in the habit of using seemingly forever. No. he said, instead, “successful.” (BTW: He used the same word in his birthday message last year.) That difference, between “great” and “successful,” struck me.


Finally, let’s keep in mind that his natal Midheaven is at 24° Taurus. In other words, his very path in this life is that of connecting with Earth’s energy in a grounded manner. The new Virgo lunation cycle, being also earthy, may, if we are fortunate, signal that he will at least gradually move further and further away from the grandiosity of Leo into remembering and embracing his connection with, first of all his own body, and from there, his body’s connection to the living ground beneath his feet.

The progressed Midheaven, for Trump, happens to have moved from Cancer into Leo around the same time as that August 2017 eclipse. Frankly, I’d say that, for Trump, Leo is much better on the MC than on the Ascendant. Rather than bragging as a personal quality, the Leo leadership can be used to direct the energy of this nation into transforming its relationship with Earth.

Unfortunately, things don’t look good right now, given that his new EO has just stripped all regulations and oversight from GMO foods. (Oh, if he would just take his lead from Putin, who has banned all GMOs from Russia and is on track to become the world’s largest exporter of organic foods). And yet, I refuse to give up on Trump. Despite all his detractors, I do think his heart is in the right place, and that it is open.

Therefore . . .

. . . my mantra continues. Please oh gods and goddesses, direct Donald Trump to go barefoot, in the forest, on mushrooms. Let him do so regularly and often, until he finally feels our Mother’s heartbeat, and hears her speak to him. Because we all know, without a smidgen of doubt, that whatever Donald Trump wants to accomplish he will put his mighty will to that task. That then he, and we, and Earth herself, will be “successful.”



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