The astrology of Edward Snowden: is he for real?

I would offer another compendium of the fallout from the Greenwald/Snowden revelations, except that the number has expanded so furiously that there is no way I can keep up! (I mean there is never a “way to keep up,” of course, but sometimes I really grok that fact.)

It strikes me that this explosive infusion of data and perspective about universal data-mining is the perfect depiction of the current placement of Jupiter, planet of expansion, in Gemini, sign of information and communication. Then, when you focus this current transit of Jupiter into the U.S. chart, and view both in the light of Edward Snowden, his chart, well, shall we say, sparks fly?

I’ll tell you right now, so that you won’t have to read this whole post if you’re not “into” astrology, that, when I look at his chart, I do feel that Edward Snowden is the real deal, that he blew the whistle for ethical reasons. This leaves open the question of whether or not the revelations currently flooding into the public were planned to occur, as part of a gradual mass inoculation of the sheeple for total take-over, perhaps? (Note yesterday’s supposed Pew Research poll stating that 56% of the American people prefer security to privacy. Is this for real? Hard to believe, given the rate at which people are waking up.) Given that NSA whistleblowers have been coming forward for years, but that somehow this one got traction with the MSM, the question naturally arises, why? Why now? Is the (Illuminati?) Wizard of Oz still in charge? Or is the veil being ripped away.

The most interesting possibility is the one channeled by Mathew Ward: Extraterrestrials and other allies work inside the NSA to use this data-mining function to gather evidence against the Illuminati; if so, could this be (double or triple agent, but still shining good guy) Barack Obama’s way of saying, hey listen up! Get ready for what’s coming next? Stay with me here!

So, back to astrology. Here’s the U.S. chart:

Note the placement of Mars and Uranus, at 21° and 8° Gemini, surrounding the Descendant (end of horizontal line on the right). That wide Mars/Uranus conjunction signifies both the intellectual and innovative dynamism (Mars energy, Uranus radical) that has always fueled this nation, as well as the manifestation of ideas into technology which, unfortunately, more often than not, turns destructive, used for to make war (warlike Mars, with explosive Uranus).

(BTW: Note also the opposition between Pluto at 27° Capricorn with Mercury at 24° Cancer: this nation has always been obsessed with secrecy and power. Nothing new.)

Jupiter takes about a year to travel through one sign. It has been moving through Gemini since June, 2012, going right over those warlike planets (wars and rumors of war have been rampant all during this time), and fissioning out gobs of info the whole time. We are in the end stages now, during May and June. On June 27th, Jupiter moves into Cancer, its home sign in this chart, to enjoy? a 12-year Jupiter return (and new 12-year “cycle of opportunity”) very close to our nation’s birthday on July 4th, this year. Until mid-June 2014, Jupiter will travel through Cancer, hitting first the U.S. Venus, then Jupiter, then the Sun, then Mercury. Our focus will shift, from information explosion to the security of home and community.

Okay, now let’s look at Edward Snowden’s chart. We don’t know his time of birth. But we do know that he was born June 21st, 1983, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. I set up the chart for noon.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.24.07 AM

Several things immediately strike me about this chart.

• The Sun is either at the extreme end of Gemini (29° of any sign is it’s most karmic point, where all dues must be paid), or possibly, at the very beginning of Cancer (remember, we aren’t sure of his birthtime; had he been born a few hours later, the Sun would have ingressed into Cancer). Either way, he was born on the Summer Solstice date, itself very significant because related, by 90° to the Aries point, which is the most sensitive point for making public any contribution to the world. I’d bet on Gemini, given the nature of his work: information gathering.

• Mars at 24° Gemini, only 5° from the Sun: he’s willing to go to war for the truth.

• The Sun/Mars conjunction opposes Neptune at 27° Sagittarius. Neptune is a long-cycled planet, so Neptune in Sagittarius is a generational placement (those born 1970-1984). We can look to these young people to recognize that “God” is everywhere, not just in your religion or mine. That all roads lead to the same spiritual place. That his Sun/Mars opposes Neptune signifies his extreme idealism, and possibly, his tendency to be duped (Neptune, negatively, can signify deception) into serving as a sacrifice (another Neptunian word) for the cabal who wanted this info out now for whatever nefarious reason.

• The Sun/Mars conjunction in Gemini also forms a tight harmonious trine (120°) with a close conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 26°-27° Libra. He understood the nature of power (Pluto), was working well within the structures (Saturn) of power.

And now, for two configurations that remind me of Bradley Manning, an emphasis on both Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio, where the ego must be killed in order for the larger understanding of Sagittarius to be realized. If one identifies one’s life with one’s ego’s view of it (and most people do), then both Manning and Snowden have demonstrated that they are willing to lose that life if necessary, in order for the larger truth to be served.

Both have Moon in Scorpio: both are deeply emotional (positive Scorpio) beings who take very seriously all that they do and realize the sinister, secret, powerful (negative Scorpio) forces that are arrayed against them.

Both have multiple planets in truth-telling, large perspective-oriented Sagittarius: Bradley Manning: Sun/Saturn/Mercury/Uranus, and Edward Snowden: Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune.

Looking at Edward Snowden’s chart with the U.S. chart, we see his Mars/Mercury sandwiched between the U.S. Mars/Uranus, very close to the U.S. Descendant. He serves as the perfect conduit to expose the radical (Uranus) nature of the way the U.S. uses infomation (Mercury, Gemini) that it gathers in this hi-tech (Uranus) age.

Transit Jupiter is working with Edward Snowden’s chart as it works with the U.S. Chart, to enhance both the communication (Gemini) and the larger meaning (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) of universal (Sagittarius) data-mining (Gemini).

I imagine he’s been internally pushed to do this since about last August, when Jupiter first went over his Mercury at 10° Gemini. It turned around in October and went back over that same point in December, 2012. Then, in January it turned to go forward again. The stage was set. He would act. In March, Jupiter reached 10° again. By mid-May it was beginning to affect his Mars, followed closely by his Sun. On May 20th, he headed to Hong Kong. The drama began. He would never go home again.

If you want to keep up with today’s developments, I’d suggest going straight to the source, Here’s a screenshot of what’s up there now:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.16.09 PM

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2 Responses to The astrology of Edward Snowden: is he for real?

  1. rose day says:

    wow…a lot of good info to digest. I so want these young men (the present ‘trinity’—Manning, Greenwald and Snowden) to be the real deal, as age-wise they represent the ‘near and present’ future. I am visualizing their intentions as honorable and will continue to support them with all my heart.

  2. Ann, Julian Assange also has Moon in Scorpio! As a triple Scorpio, with Venus in Sag, Sag MC and a packed 9th house with those Scorpio planets I have the absolute must/desire to get the truth out as well so totally relate. Its as if the intensity of Scorpio with the Sag need for truth combines and there is what you get. Of course with Sun in Gemini at the last degree the desire to communicate is all powerful!

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