The astrological chart of Bradley Manning: personal destiny, collective purpose

imgres-1I see that Eric Francis has already done part of the job I was going to do, re: Manning’s natal chart. From, December 17. 2011.

Bradley Manning: Sagittarius from the Soul

400+web-manningHere’s an excerpt:

“Let’s take a brief look at Manning’s chart, just to see who might be behind this kind of kinetic energy. Look at all that energy in Sagittarius. What is most striking is how he has the Sun parked exactly between Saturn (the planet of structure, authority, responsibility) and Uranus (the planet of revolution and invention). On the one hand this is someone who understands a command structure. On the other, this is someone who understands that sometimes the most important thing you can do is step outside that structure, if it’s corrupt or if its behavior is criminal. What we learned from WikiLeaks is that the conduct of the United States should have resulted in the entire administration being hauled before the International Criminal Court in The Hague for a war crimes tribunal. Just because ‘they’ got away with it doesn’t mean their conduct was not illegal, immoral and a crime against humanity.

“Note also that Manning has a cluster in Capricorn, including Pallas Athene on the Aries Point (2+ Capricorn). He understands full well the nature of authority, structure and ‘the system’. He is not a renegade. His actions were thought out meticulously. He was serving as the one thing that the American government did not have as it prosecuted two illegal wars: a conscience.

“One last bit of his chart — to the right, the Scorpio angle. He has a Scorpio Moon tucked between Mars and Pluto, helping him embody both of those warrior energies. This is an astonishing chart. Just as he has the Sun exactly between two deeply meaningful planets, he has the Moon between two as well. When I saw that alignment, the first thing I thought of was omerta — the Sicilian code of silence. Apparently Manning has been subjected to torture for more than 18 months mainly for one reason: he refuses to rat out Julian Assange.

“For those of us who have been sicked and disgusted and grieving over the conduct of the United States government, for the murder and torture of innocent civilians, at the destruction of societies, at the sacrifice of our national honor and the lives of our military service members, the chain of events leading into WikiLeaks was nothing less than a miracle.”

A.K. again:

Though the chart, the part of it that’s shown here, doesn’t indicate it, Manning’s Jupiter is in Aries, directly and harmoniously trine all those planets in Sagittarius. No wonder he’s a brave pioneer, comfortable with solitude, who breaks new ground!

According to yesterday’s testimony, they tried to break him, and almost did, but then, I’d say, his Moon/Mars/Pluto in Scorpio and Venus/Pallas Athene in Capricorn took hold, and nothing they could do would move him off dead center. He remained himself in the face of unrelenting brutality, even to the extent of playing with a mirror for company!

Bradley Manning: How Keeping Himself Sane Was Taken as Proof of Madness

Now let’s get to the part that I find so astonishing: how his chart fits in with the energies of Ascension, the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, the Galactic Center, and the Harmonic Convergence which started the whole shebang, at least in our minds.

First, Bradley Manning was born on December 17, his 25° Sun within orb of conjunction to the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius. That in itself is not so remarkable (I, for example, was also born then, on December 19th, my Sun exactly conjunct the 27° Sagittarian G.C.). However, when you notice other details in this chart, that placement jumps into high relief. But to do that, let me first give the context, in terms of what else was going on that year astrologically and counter-culturally.

Bradley Manning was born in 1987, the year of the first synchronized global meditation, promulgated by Jose Arguelles, when thousands of people gathered at sacred sites all over the world for “Harmonic Convergence.” The date was August 16-17, during a wonderful fiery grand trine that closely linked Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo with Uranus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aries, all between 22° and 29.°

Okay. Now here’s what’s so remarkable. In August, Saturn was in mid-Sagittarius, not in the grand trine above. Since Saturn moves faster than Uranus (Saturn’s cycle is 29.5 years, Uranus cycle 84 years), unless it turned Rx for a while, we would expect it to continue to move closer to Uranus and finally conjunct that planet during the months to come. (Conjunctions between outer planets are rare. For Saturn/Uranus, the last conjuction was 1942.)

It turns out that the time for Saturn to catch up with Uranus for the first time since 1942 was mid-December, 1987. On the day that Bradley Manning was born, Saturn was at 23° Sagittarius and Uranus at 26° Sagittarius, and the transit Sun, which moves one degree per day, was sandwiched between them at 25° Sagittarius! Bradley’s soul chose to be born on the day when the Sun illuminated the conjunction between Saturn and Uranus, and all three within orb of the 27° Sagittarius Galactic Center! Get it? Whew! What precision of intent! (I assume young souls can utilize just about any planetary configuration to learn from, and that the older, more aware the soul, the more it requires a very particular configuration for its specific task on Earth. Timing is all.)

Moreover, that Manning would be born on a day when the Moon (which moves through one sign every 2.5 days), was in Scorpio, conjunct both Mars and Pluto, tuned him in to the darkness of which humanity was and is capable, a darkness that, with his Sagittarian fire, he was driven to expose. imgresThat single video, of U.S. forces shooting down civilians from a helicopter while making comments that made it look like just another video game, went viral — and all hell has been breaking loose ever since.

Saturn: old structures. Uranus: break up, breakdown, breakthrough. I’d say that Bradley Manning’s destiny was to help jump-start the paradigm shift that we are now enjoying/enduring day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, as today, December 1, 2012, we head into the final three weeks of the long-awaited Mayan Calendar.

The mythology that the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence set in motion was that humanity would undergo a vast shift in consciousness during the 25 years that began in August 1987 and would peak on December 21, 2012, when the Mayan Calendar (itself a vast clock that synchronizes a number of different cycles) would start over precisely as the Sun crossed over the Galactic Center on December 21, 2012.

Where are we now, on December 1, 2012? And isn’t it interesting that only three weeks ahead of the December 21st date, Bradley Manning, Sagittarian truth seeker, truth teller and Scorpio endurance champion, he who has been incarcerated (Saturn/Capricorn) in such a brutal sustained manner (Scorpio/Capricorn) that this fact alone wakes many people up (Uranus), is finally allowed to speak?

Bradley Manning speaks, and the walls that divide us come tumblin’ down.

Manning tells his story

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    The media has done its best to malign or ignore Bradley Manning. Hollywood stars and astrological stars seem to see and reveal a different story. For the astrologically inclined or curious, here’s Bradley Manning’s chart.

  2. Jim Calandrillo says:

    Bradley’s chart is extraordinary. And ironic. All the 10th house Sagittarius activity is meant to be expressed and “out there” for all to see. And in so doing Bradley sows the seeds of his personal sacrifice. The Eight House Scorpio conjunction of Pluto-Moon-Mars is a man who understands power and corruption to an amazing depth. And it reinforces the theme of “death within his life” for this brave truth seeker. Right now he is paying a totally unfair price, but let’s be hopeful that with Jupiter in trine aspect to all the Sagittarius honesty – that he will one day be exonerated – and also within his lifetime. We need to shake the gates of heaven with prayer for this brave and noble young man who unlike most dared to see and share the truth in spite of personal harm.

  3. Andries H. Cats says:

    I rectified the horoscope of Bradley Manning as 17h, 53m, 11,5s.
    Ascendant 5 Cancer; ruler Moon 19 Scorpio.
    MC 16 Pisces.
    Pars Frt 28 Taurus.
    Chiron 27 Gemini opposite Uranus 27 Sagittarius.
    C11 21 Aries; ruler Mars 16 Scorpio square USA MC 16 Leo.
    C9 19 Aquarius.

    Progressive aspects:

    In the Army 2 October 2007.

    2-Oct-2007 020°,32’38 Aries Jup 90 mutual Asc

    19-Nov-2009 008°,03’14 Capricorn Nep 90 mutual MC

    Arrested 26 May 2010.

    26-May-2010 020°,44’42 Aries Jup 60 mutual C-12

    Charged 5 June 2010.

    5-Jun-2010 004°,36’54 Capricorn Plu 180 Asc transit

    Sentenced 21 August 2013.

    21-Aug-2013 026°,36’10 Pisces Drac 135 Plu
    21-Aug-2013 +21°,04’03 Asc # Moon

    and more….

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