That Flight 370: Every day an April Fool’s Day?

What I especially appreciate about this youtube video:

1) It was shown on the BBC.

2) No matter how much the interviewer wanted to confine the dialogue to the usual maudlin take on one aggrieved person’s sorrow, Sarah Bijac, partner of passenger Phillip Wood, kept turning it back to the impersonal, objective situation. And, as she concludes: “I’m looking at what the vast majority of what people with common sense and intuition feel, that the governments are misleading us.”

Oh yeah, and check this out, just in today: a new story about what was last said in the cockpit.

And check out this interesting perspective, by Kevin Barrett:

MH370: 9/11 style false flag gone awry?

Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s remember Howard Beale. That extraordinary movie Network was 40 years ago. What has changed? Are we waking up? Let’s prove it.


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  1. wren says:

    she’s callin it! all the best to her and those supporting her

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