That “Coronavirus” — let’s see now . . . Fake epidemic? Designer virus? Practice run?

Jon Rappoport, who has had decades of experience tracking down and analyzing so-called epidemics, is all in for the fake epidemic interpretation.  See yesterday’s post, as well as this new one:

China virus epidemic — the Gong Show on roller skates

Personally, I tend to go along with his analysis, mostly because hell, it’s flu season, folks, and there’s all sorts of stuff running through all of us when we’re usually together, inside. As I always tell folks in the Green Acres Permaculture Village, pay attention to your immune system! At this point, we’re mainlining elderberry tincture. . .

Hey everybody! Please remember what FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real.

But oooooo  .  . . not only the city of Wuhan is quarantined, then another city, and another; I think the total is now eleven cities in China, total of 20 million people, with no transport allowed in or out. Can you imagine? What a perfect opportunity this is to “practice” martial law here in the U.S, Yep, the conspiratorium ramps up, even inside me, Hmmm . . .

I see where there was some lab set up in Wuhan two years ago, and then, whammo!


But then, hold your horses folks, the WHO weighs in. Says there’s no evidence, so far, of human to human transmission.

Yah, not so fast, folks, we’ve got to time this correctly . . .

To me, the weirdest item of all is yesterday’s small plane crash with four fatalities near, you guessed it, the CORONA municipal airport, in California. 


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