Terence McKenna: UFO “haunts time like a ghost;” it is “the airborne Philosopher’s Stone”

This is the most interesting discussion of the ontology and epistemology of UFO that I have ever come across. 1990 interview.

From my notes: UFO is “a kind of projection from the consciousness of the planet. Gaia, a kind of alchemical object haunting time with a symbol of totality . . . unless we clarify our relationship to the unconscious, the flying saucer will remain mysterious to us. Which was Jung’s view.

Saying that the flying saucer is a psychic object does not mean that it is not a physical object. The realm of the psychic and the physical meet in a strange kind of never never land. The mystery of synchronicity, shamanic, and UFO, all meet there.

If we posit just one more spatial dimensions, these sorts of things become ordinary.

The current physical models of the universe require eleven dimensions. If we then turn our attention to mind, if we have no definition of what the mind is, why would we be surprised that we have no idea of what the UFO is?

JBS Haldane: “reality is not only stranger than we suppose, it may be even stranger than we can suppose.”

The post-modern approach to UFO: is what is the UFO doing to us? It is eroding our faith in science. Like a cosmic giggle, it shows up to spoil the bachelor party of science. In that sense Jung was right in that it is an object coming from the unconscious, to turn us away from the rational, and towards the intuitive. Almost as though the UFO is a manifestation of Gaia. Science as the proudest erection of the rational mind, is challenged by something from an entirely other realm. They concretize the struggle between the dominator society and the kind of partnership society that we require if civilization is to survive.

The UFO are very mercurial, when you reach out to grasp, there is nothing there . . . Having spoken with contacts, and having had a contact experience myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever lies behind the UFO mystery it is a force that can literally do anything. It can appear literally any way it wants to. As the Virgin Mary, the Galacterian Overlords, sprites, elves, etc.

UFO is “both material and psychological.” “It anticipates the future.” An “awesome kind of force that transcends space and time for the individual.” Akin to the psychedelic experience, which is “like a UFO encounter on demand.” A modern manifestation of a phenomenon that has been with us for thousands of years. That is, the partial penetration of our own space by others — pixies, elves, angels, etc. In the past we had a professional class that dealt with these others, the shamans. As we have lost context with this class, the UFO reminds us of the actual strangeness of the universe.

And much more . . .

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  1. Rich Buckley had trouble getting this comment to post, so I do it here for him.— A.K.

    Comment by Rich Buckley

    Sunfire, John Kettler’s associate commentator (www.johnkettler.com) states the video link I sent yesterday covering a USAF marked, anti-gravity space craft is a “sophisticated fake.”

    Sunfire makes this call after analyzing exterior lighting of the craft based on a couple of decades in digital-visual work related experience. I will go with Sunfire’s guidance until further evidence appears. It’s a cool video that really had me going and fired up as I thought we were looking at a public break though. My own view is to instinctively trust Sunfire’s evaluation.

    Sunfire sometimes offers a comment as a mantra that “our universe is a 27-trillion year old hologram.”…. and this has a bearing on the excellent Terence McKenna video.

    On materialization projections and time compression:

    I know the observed 3000′ wide disk we measured by radar and visual observations over Japan in 1965 was as real as I am. We were both in the sky a few miles apart. My comment does not negate McKenna’s thesis on materialization projections. His other signature discovery of “Time-line Zero” (time compression) appears to be our real challenge, reported by multiple sources that have only gone public these past recent months. Sunfire and John Kettler both report time-compression as real and seem to be offering a positive, uplifting, spiritually whole, compassionate, love-based solution to bring us through our time-line successfully. So far their messages have always remained positive.

    Now back to McKenna’s comment on materialization of collective Earth unconsciousness, the Gaia materialization. I believe something like McKenna’s Jungian model of collective unconsciousness projection and materialization and Sunfire’s 27-Trillion year old holographic universe thesis seem to be both true at the same time, that we are in essence all “materialized projections” in this dimension, projections that have Darwinian-DNA-linked natural reproductive rules in this materialized natural state we call the here and now, aka 3D. Our specie has soul impregnated through the natural reproductive process, universal rule set. These normal reproductive and natural processes enables intelligent life forms to exist with soul – linking us all the way back directly to God. Other artificially created life forms have everything except soul. Intelligent life does not seem to be able to create soul, an energy apparently reserved to one source, God (the source, Akashic, the I am). Some advanced intelligent beings are able to create soulless biological life forms.

    McKenna spoke in 1990 – 22 years ago.

    There have been a few advancements since the McKenna’s video was recorded. Our human genome is now complete. Rudimentary understanding of anti-gravity engine thrusters, Microwave amplifiers, gravity wells across differential electrical fields, and robust research in zero point energy fields are integrated into our alternative science and public dialogue. We now know a little more.

    Both thesis can be true at the same time.

    Both McKenna and Sunfire thesis supplant one another that (a) UFO’s may be Earth-Gaia materialized solids, collective unconscious projections. But I think UFO’s are much more inclusive, reaching outside Mother Gaia’s immediate realm. While everything is a projection, ET-intelligence is more than “Earth-Gaia projecting in our locale.” (b) “Our universe is a 27-trillion year old hologram.” offered by Sunfire. Both can be true in theory at the same time as both are tied to the same projection process, except Sunfire’s thesis simply evolves “projection” over a nearly unfathomable length of time over which many strands of life, following universal rule sets have blossomed that are as real as we perceive ourselves to be real, now, all these 27-trillion years later.

    It’s now about time-line zero and personal choice.

    I know what we observed and measured by radar and visual observation over Japan in 1965 was as real as I am. My comment does not negate McKenna’s thesis. His “Time-line Zero” appears to be our real challenge just as McKenna popularized decades ago. Sunfire and John Kettler seem to be offering the positive, uplifting, spiritually-whole, compassionate, love-based solution to bring us through our time-line successfully. They also seem committed to fight to keep us in this positive node as we pass through this vortex … using the term fight in its ultimate sense … choosing light and love, and thoughtful resistance to evil, in the face of physical annihilation.

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