TAKE HEART! Four, and more, possible Game Changers in the Infinite Field of Possibilities


Okay, folks. While we may think that our situation here on beleagured Earth, with the greedy ones running more and more amuck, is just flat out impossible, terminal — let us remind ourselves that the smallest change can have unexpected massive effects, as first enunciated by Archimedes, his famous remark:

Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.

Each of the following four stories can be characterized as having both fulcrum and lever. Both a place to stand (fulcrum) and a way to change (lever) something seemingly way too big. Thus, each of them can also be characterized as a variant of the David and Goliath story, with the small having an immense, even crippling effect on the large.

First, there’s that monster data center in Utah, how vulnerable it is to the both its insatiable need for water and and the increasingly fractious state of Utah.

Utah Considers Cutting Water to NSA’s Monster Data Center

Next, check out Jon Rappoport’s revelation of the surprising ratio of money spent by Monsanto to money spent by Maui in that winning initiative against new GMO crops.

$7, 876,000 vs. $55,000!

In other words, no matter how much money Monsanto threw at this election, we the people still saw through the hype! Might we then begin to conclude that the artificial cultural concept of “money” is beginning to lose its control over the human psyche? And if so, might we also ask if this event in Hawaii is an early sign that the Matrix itself is beginning to dissolve?

Follow the Money: The Maui/Monsanto War

Here’s a really good one. A giant American Empire Destroyer in the Black Sea cowering from the repeated flyovers of a single Russian fighter jet carrying neither bombs nor missiles. Why? Read the story. It appears that the greater the reach and sophistication of electronic systems, the more vulnerable they are to skilled sabotage.

What Frightened the U.S.S. Donald Cook So Much in the Black Sea?

And finally, I’ve been following the Bill Cosby Serial Rapist story in the MSM with great interest. My question, as usual: why is THIS news being relentlessly promoted now? What does Bill Cosby know that mustn’t be told? How does his race figure into the story? What is this story distracting us from?

Then, today, I see where Bill Cosby is starting to be linked to MK Ultra. The rabbit hole deepens. Let’s hope this means that the whole phenomenon of systematic mind control will now begin to be outed in the MSM. So few people really grok this aspect of the ghastly Matrix world. It’s so damned hard to take in. And, as a reader Rose commented to me, in reference to another gut-wrenchingly yucky story —The Key to Our Enslavement is the Sexual Energy

I will pose what for me personally is the larger issue…how shall Earth’s inhabitants retain a semblance of humanity amidst ongoing revelations of these horrific occult practices without creating the very energy that dark forces feed on, thereby, effectively guaranteeing their ultimate survival?

If you haven’t already done so, check out the mind control section on the wanttoknow.info website. And you might read, in pdf form, Thanks for the Memories, and/or Trance Formation of America. BTW: Roseanne Barr spoke of Hollywood involvement in MK Ultra during the time when she was running for elected office in 2013.

Bill Cosby’s MK Ultra “rape demon” video

All of which brings me back to reader Rose’s astute comment. How do we absorb all this ghastly stuff without feeding further fear and thus control? And here’s where the new epistemology comes in. Let us rest in infinity. There is, ultimately, no fulcrum, and no lever. We make them up. There is no ground to stand upon. We, each of us within the heart-felt center of our own unique and beautiful beings, rest within the only ground we need to go forward in love. But to do so we must activate our intent, and hold it, strong and fierce.

What world do you wish to create? Then do so, starting now. With the smallest thing. The one you can do. And watch the swirling currents of the world wind begin to bend in the direction you set in motion. We are all magicians. All of us.

Here’s a recent Julian Rose and Carlos Casteneda piece that very much resonates with me.

The Active Side of Infinity – Shamanism and Intuition with Carlos Castaneda





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  1. CindyW. says:

    thank you for the last – Julian Rose’s passages on Castaneda. I lived many years with a person who sought to follow those teachings, and I’m afraid I did not give full significance to that – but I did remember what he said about Death, and about erasing personal history, and doing useless labor. Was so very different from the “nice”, comforting, affluent spiritual practices others taught – almost similar to attending a Western church in their predictability and ordinariness, petting people on the head and leaving them in conventional self-satisfaction.

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