Synchronicities abound! Indian Temple Explosion, National Sibling Day, and Walter Russell

Not that three above subjects are connected, but they’re all interwoven inside their own magical realms. BTW: In case you haven’t ready grokked it, my personal evolutionary instruction is to “follow the trail of synchronicites” — wherever it may lead!

In order:

Temple Explosion, India

220px-Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_Varma.jpgThis temple is dedicated to the Southern Indian version of Kali, the fearful and ferocious form of the Mother Goddess. Set off by fireworks, the explosion killed over 100 people on the very day the Sun exactly conjuncted unpredictable Uranus at 20° of fiery Aries.

Makes me wonder: did Kali require a sacrifice on this day? If so, the souls who left this earth plane crowded together in that terrified temple, did Kali liberate them from the cycle of birth and death?

Massive fire in crowded Indian temple kills scores


National Sibling Day

On Saturday, my six remaining siblings and I, plus my widowed brother-in-law, finally, after six months of thinking about it, made our first ever commitment to reunite since the multi-year process involving the final days for both parents and sister Mary, who left this plane during a rare astrological alignment at the end of September 2015. Brother-in-law John put money down for a house in Hailey Idaho for six days in October. YES! And wouldn’t you know, I discovered later via facebook that the very next day, Sunday, was National Sibling Day! I found out from cousin Julia Kreilkamp, of the “Kreilkamps East” (we were “Kreilkamps West,” both with eight children).

Kreilkamps East:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.28.19 AM.png

National Siblings Day


Walter Russell

And finally, early this morning friend Ted sent me a “Code of Ethics for a Living Philosophy,” by Lao Russell, with the cryptic remark: “adding this to the mix.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.32.07 AM

I replied, Lao is man or woman? Woman, he responded, with her husband Walter Russell. He assured me that I must have heard of him. A famous philosopher.


Walter Russell, “Walter Russell,” I know I’ve heard that name before, I mused. Wondered if Ted had sent me something on him earlier. Was astonished by both of them when I googled their names. Wanted more more. It turns out that Ted has all their published works there in the Oakwood Library! Ye gods! I was a “philosohy student” for ten years (including undergraduate), and had never heard of this Renaissance thinker, sculptor, architect, scientist, painter, teacher, philosopher! Why? What a vast hole in my so-called education!

Ted said to check out the “University of Science and Philosophy,” which is dedicated to their memory. And so I did. And guess what? This place is in Virginia, just up the road from the retreat center where I’m going later this week, for this year’s Sufi gathering, Jamiat Ahm. (Here’s my report from last year’s Jamiat Ahm). Too much! Will see if I can visit their gallery way back Monday.

Update, 4/13/16: I spoke to Matt Presti who heads up the University of Science and Philosophy. Unfortunately, Walter Russell’s magnificent artistic works are now in storage. However, the website works, and rather than bringing up old, grainy, pirated pdfs on the internet, how about helping support Russell Walter by purchasing his books at the bookstore?

Meanwhile, I still didn’t know where I had heard of Walter Russell before. On a hunch I googled “Walter Russell exopermaculture.” Well, well, wouldn’t you know, there it was, the backstory, on this blog, and it didn’t involve Ted, but my dentist! In 2012.

On the Juxtaposition of the Ordinary with the Miraculous: How I discovered Walter Russell.



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