“Sustainable Development” = Technocracy Rising

I’ve long called the phrase “sustainable development” an oxymoron, but Derrick Jensen calls it an outright lie.

Sustainable Development Is A Lie

So, not surprisingly, given the onslaught of synchronicities rolling through during this climactic time, I got a message this afternoon from Mitch out in Washington about a corbettreport which, wouldn’t you know, dovetails with Jensen’s message —which I had been just about to post. Here’s the report. It’s a doozer. But yes, completely predictable, given what’s going down. Watch the Climate Change Conference November 30 – December 11. I’m now of the opinion that it needs to self-destruct, if we wish to create localized decentralized solutions everywhere rather what “they” intend: top-down controls to absolutely everything.

BTW: I started to wonder about the supposed evil of carbon dioxide in the garden last summer, wondering, hmm, how could it be so bad when the richer the carbon dioxide environment, the faster plants grow? I posed this question to permaculture teacher and practitioner Keith Johnson, who responded, “Well yes, but to a point . . .” and somehow, we never returned to the subject — until now, with this report.

This is not to say that “climate change” isn’t real. Just to say that it’s being corralled and used for nefarious purposes. Surprised?

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