Sunday savorings prior to Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon . . .

Full Moon minus one. I have a feeling that, because of its size, sign placement, and the Sun’s forming conjunction with eruptive Uranus from the bowels of the earth mother,  we’re in for a big two weeks . . . coming right up, starting tomorrow. Gear up, Ann!

Wait a minute . . .

How long has it been since I. actually. took. a. single. day. off. this blog?

I used to travel, in which case I could actually “leave town” to increase perspective. Now I only look at screens, and must remind my mind and heart to allow continuous expansion. It’s either that or get trapped in the latest dogmatism my recovering-Catholic-childhood-self wants to attach itself to and hold on for dear life. Or is it dear death? Which is which in this death-in-life “they” . . . repeat repeat repeat . . .

Not true. Luckily, I live here with others in a tiny three-homes-and-grounds paradise,  Green Acres Permaculture Village, all of us together aligning with the seasonal cycles of Mother Earth. This helps immensely! Especially what helps: communion and conviviality. Like the soup Dan offered everybody last night. That, and especially, LAUGHTER. Deep belly laughter. Roll over dead laughter. Yep. Clears the body/mind/heart/soul/spirit of all the bullshit that’s continuously streaming in and through, a la Neptune. 

I’m still trying to get my head around the new, and very Plutonian fear porn, that the vaccinated may shed the virus and worse. Not just aborted baby parts, not just nano, but “prions.”  Lots of folks talking about this, including Clif High and Kerry Cassidy (can’t find now, but it’s in her Latest Intel vlog). Wild. Last year this time, dis-embodied normies were easily indoctrinated to fear their own and each other’s bodies because of “the virus.” The fearful majority got “tested” over and over again — and finally were so very grateful to get vaxxed! Baptism! Join the merry band of those who are finally free to be! Oops. No. Not only must they keep the masks on, but, now they are the ones the formerly fearless need to fear!

The vaxxed become the shunned, by those who are unvaxxed!

And sometimes it’s not possible. A nursing baby dies, of blood clots, after the mother is vaxxed. A baby in the womb of a vaxxed mother stillborn, due to blood clots. Really? How much is real? I don’t even want to know. Today I just want to relax, get out and feel the wormy, fertile soil in my hands, the warm sun on my face and arms.

Here are a few good memes that illustrate, for me, both some of our common concerns, and ways to deal with them.

If Maricopa County in Arizona does manage to go through its massive due diligence, see, it may not only help the other swing state dominos to fall, but it may expose the fakery in U.S. elections going back decades, at least to the J.F.K. election who, I hear (can’t remember where, Juan O Savin?), since he came from an Illuminati family, was allowed in. “They” thought he’d cave to their demands. But he did not. So he was killed. And his brother after him. Our culture has been suffering from this collective PTSD ever since. No one who witnessed the November 22, 1963 assasination on television, over and over again, the head blown to smithereens from the front can ever get that image out of mind. It’s there, permanently, a bloody stain on the heart.

Then there’s this. Add it to the cool two mil payoff to Hunter for his “book.” And the China/Ukraine cons. What else? The Biden clone? double? may be lacking vitality, but whatever is pulling his strings is decidedly evil. This IS a war between good and evil.

And yet, let us remember:

Remember the CNN guy who bragged to the Project Veritas woman (whom he thought was a Tinder date!) that once the fear porn virus fades, they will switch to climate change? Well, clearly, it’s already happening . . .

So let’s celebrate those who wake up!

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