How Student Debt Became Big Business

The Sample Gates on the campus of Indiana University.

Well, it does feel like I’m biting off the hand that feeds me when I repost articles like this one. After all, our little Green Acres Village sits on the eastern edge of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. With a student population of over 40,000, gorgeous proliferating academic buildings, swelling administrative and adjunct staff, formal and informal devil’s partnerships with nearby Crane Naval Warfare Center, and so on, IU is by far the main economic driver for this town that swells to 100,000 for nine months of the year.

But you know? I just live with and around way too many 20-something’s with obscene student debt and service jobs as their only prospects. Until, that is, they recognize their own entrepeneurship skills and get on with creating a life beyond victimization.

Meanwhile, an entire generation has been suckered, big time.

How Higher Education Became an Obscenely Profitable Racket that Enriches the Few at the Expense of the Many (Student-Debt Serfs)


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