Steven Greer: Urgent Update on Upcoming False Flag “ET Threat”

I’ve long been “on the fence” re: the nature of beings who come to Earth from other dimensions and/or solar systems, galaxies, etc. My question always comes down to: are there both “good” ETs (those who have the best interests of both humans and planet Earth in mind) and “bad” ETs (those who utilize both humans and earth for their own purposes)?

Here’s an another way of putting the same question, and this is according to the The Law of One series: are there both service-to-others ETs and service-to-self ETs? According to the, to me, deeply interesting and provocative Law of One material, as channeled by Karla Rueckart, it’s much more difficult to play the negative role of service-to-self, since 95% of one’s thoughts and actions must be self-serving. Positive orientation, or service-to-others however, needs only 51% of thoughts and actions dedicated in that direction.

So, if the Law of One is an accurate reflection of the way this universe works, then negative ETs would be far fewer, one would suppose, than positive ETs; just like here on Earth: most of us are good people, and have a difficult time realizing that some people are what we call psychopaths or sociopaths.

Then there’s Juan O Savin’s point of view, which is that the evil cabal believes that there are two types of humans on earth, both of them tracing back to the Garden of Eden, where Eve met and copulated with the serpent (ET), then with Adam, and subsequently produced two children conceived at about the same time: Cain and Able. Cain was an ET/human hybrid; Able, fully human. Ever since, the Cannanites, he claims, have guarded their bloodline, and assumed superiority over mere humans, whom they basically see as servants, slaves, to be treated like humans treat cattle.

So, from Juan O Savin’s point of view on the cabal’s point of view: all ETs are necessarily evil? Or just reptilian ETs, or just one species of reptilian ETs?

Other sources say there have been at least dozens of different ET species visiting (or inhabiting on inner planes or dimensions) earth for who knows how long, some helpful to humanity, some not; and, as far as I can ascertain, most, but not all, of these species are deemed to be helpful.

It appears, for example, that ET craft have been neutralizing nuclear bombs and rockets regularly, whenever one threatens to go off either accidentally or on purpose. See these:

UFOs Deactivate Nuclear Missiles around the World


Info and Disinfo on UFOs and Nukes

The fact that thousands of hair-trigger nuclear weapons have been sitting on their launch pads for, what is it now, 50 years? without even one of  them launched accidentally, is, to me, a good argument for the existence of “good” ETs, who make sure they don’t! Positive for us, and positive for them, in that from what I’ve heard, they believe that our fiddling with nuclear energy carries the horrific risk of contaminating, not just Earth, but the entire cosmos.

Then there’s Dr. John Mack of Harvard, who interviewed many of the so-called alien abductees, and discovered much that surprised him:

John Mack, Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist, on “alien abduction”: The ‘experiencers’ are telling the truth.

In any case, I bring up this question, because Steven Greer and Carol Rosin are both adamant in their view that there are no negative ETs. And that any so-called extraterrestrial “threat” is coming from often back-engineered ET technology developed by humans. Greer has been saying this all along; and now he has an urgent message that I feel we DO need to take very very seriously. For there truly has been a concerted cabal-driven agenda (via movies, TV, literature, MSM and other programming), to make the “threat” of ET interference of life on earth very real and scary. Yep, one more globalist inspired F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) factor creating false flags to drive already fearful, muffled, masked humanity into total submission to outside authority. Plus, of course: just as the scamdemic serves to enrich Big Pharma, so does the supposed “ET threat” serve to enrich the Military/Industrial Complex.

I received this from old friend Carol Rosin via email sometime last night.



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4 Responses to Steven Greer: Urgent Update on Upcoming False Flag “ET Threat”

  1. Tony Costa says:

    Hi Ann,

    Remember when we met at that event in CA, we had just finished dinner and you asked me my take on aliens – when we got interrupted with the closing ceremony?

    I will ask now: do you really want to hear my “take”? Because it’s about 180 degrees different from what you share here. I can’t do it on this board, I’d have to send it to you. But one thing I do promise: I have researched this “alien” phenomena enough that I can give you pause to reconsider. And I ALWAYS do my “due diligence”.

    Suffice to say, if things start to go to hell here on this Earth and beings came down from the sky to “save us!” from all of this? I’d tell them to stick it, and I’d use the language of sailors doing so.

    • Ann Dimitrelias says:

      Hello Tony,
      Are you the one who suggested checking out Laura Knight -Jadczyk’s work about two and a half years ago? If so, I want to thank you for directing me to her web site. I have been reading there ever since. I find her ability to research and present the Cassiopaean material outstanding. I have been hoping that you might comment again here on Ann’s site so that I could let you know how much I appreciate your recommendation. I just couldn’t remember who you were.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Go for it. Let me know in email. Thanks.

  2. Tony Costa says:

    I tried to post a response here, acknowledging both Anns, but it seems to have disappeared. But I do think Laura Knight-Jadcyck sees the real reality. I’ll try to leave a link here, even knowing the three I tried to leave earlier have disappeared:

    And these two are worth reading too:

    They are all long, but taken together, they reveal a whole other dimension to our reality on this Earth that must be solved before we can graduate to greater realities.

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