Stateless Peace Activist and World Citizen Garry Davis dies

Garry Davis, old man of conscience who consistently acted on his principles; forerunner of stateless persons like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who, for 65 years, led a campaign for world citizenship, has died.

There are lots of obits, including one in the New York Times.

Garry Davis, Man of No Nation Who Saw One World of No War, Dies at 91

The Burlington Vermont burlingtonfreepress carried an obit —

Global Citizenship Advocate Garry Davis Dies At 91 in Vermont

— with a wonderful photograph of Garry, to whom I was introduced sometime in the ’90s by my friend Carol Rosin at a peace rally in D.C. He was in some kind of costume. They had known and loved each other for years.

Garry Davis stands outside his home in South Burlington in March. At the time, Davis was working on a documentary called ‘My Country is the World and the World is My Stage.’ Davis, who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 1948, died on Wednesday in Williston. He was 91. / SUSAN GREEN/for the FREE PRESS

Under the Burlington article I noticed a comment that speaks to me. For while I too, abhor national borders, the idea of a world government sounds even worse.


A truly fascinating person to say the least. As the human population of the Earth continues to grow and as technology increasingly perpetuates the unprecedented interconnectedness of people the world around it, seems that SOME form of globalism and global government are inevitable. I for one am wary of any person who would encourage the relinquishment of national sovereignties in favor of a global republic without borders. Norman Cousins’s THE PATHOLOGY OF POWER has been nagging at my inner political philosopher for decades. Ultimately the fear is that a new, this time global Pol Pot could rise to paramount power and authority and initiate a new dark age that might never end for the lack of a counterbalancing force to foment an equilibrium such as the one that existed between the USSR and the USA in the era of the Cold War. I regretfully acknowledge that the eventual arrival of a unified global regime is all but a certainty. For me, the most important thing is not whether it ever happens but on what terms and with what checks and balances on power. Todays ‘globalists’ appear to be, almost to the last man, the kind of powermad sadists we have seen exposed as the financial elites and private central bankers who, in what only appears to be counterintuitive, created Marx and Trotsky and Lenin and Mao, not to ‘share the wealth’ but to consolidate all power – political, military and economic – into the hands of a barbarous and Satanic few. God help us all and our posterity should we allow them to control the debate and fabricate the One World Government in secrecy and for their own exclusive benefit.


As an alternative, I suggest a bioregional understanding of this beautiful Earth and how to protect and nourish her so that she can continue to protect and nourish all Earthlings.

Why A Bioregional Approach?

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  1. laurabruno says:

    Yes, this is a sticky point for me, too. I started reading, at the recommendation of Alexander Barry, “The Rose of the World,” as a suggested solution to the mess we’re in. I set it aside because it kept advocating what could easily be transitioned and co-opted into a one world religion and one world government. I haven’t finished the book, so I can’t comment fully on the entire thing, but it started creeping me out because as much as the author (Daniel Andreev) warns about the totalitarian State and a one world religion, his alternate system seems like it could so very easily and naively pave the way for just those things.

    I know The Rose of the World has been highly, highly influential in Russia, and perhaps this is partly why we’re seeing some of the good things we are seeing in Russia these days. I just always come back to hyperlocal solutions as the true way into a positive future. I’ve been getting really involved in some local beautification and sustainability projects that it turns out dovetail nicely with other local projects and hopes. There’s this synthesis happening here, which is incredibly local and specific to the needs, personalities, vulnerabilities, challenges and desires of this particular spot on Earth. If we each bloom where we’re planted, then there will be a whole lotta bloomin’ happening all around. Eventually, as in Nature, those little guilds will join into larger units that connect in natural, organic ways. I think that’s key. Top down or even trying to link grassroots movements too soon seems too risky right now given all the NWO’s salivating over a global takeover.

    Anyway … permaculture principles always seem to bubble to the surface for attention!

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