Standing Rock: Victory, or trickery?


Dakota Access Pipeline to continue despite Army Corps failure to grant easement

The fines Energy Transfer Partners face from the government’s decision may be less than the penalties they face from investors if pipeline is not completed by January 1, 2017.

I.e., as usual in the matrix world, FOLLOW THE MONEY.



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4 Responses to Standing Rock: Victory, or trickery?

  1. Sadly white man and his government are well known for their ignoble actions towards the Native Americans. John Trudell spoke of how at Alcatraz the government was negotiating with the Indians and told them no action would be taken during negotiations and that the title to Alcatraz was coming.. the next day the SWAG teams came and swept the people off the island. Talking the talk is one thing, walking it is where the rubber meets the road. Obama should send in the feds to stop any more construction on site or his words mean nothing.

  2. Christopher Crockett says:

    i have to say a big “DUH” to this one, Ann.

    when i first heard the news about G.W. Obama’s Corpse of Engineers’ “change” on this mourning’s NPR (“All Things considered”/”Fair & Balanced”), i was –of course– quite surprised and (guardedly) Elated.

    that lasted about 45 seconds.

    the Smell of the Rat then became obvious.

    the idea that G.W. Obama’s Corpse of Engineers would actually *act* –at this late date– in any sort of effective way –after *years* of utter Silence on this question (to say nothing of the deafening silence of both G.W.O. and The Hillerator –as SecState– on the much, much, infinitely more devastating ecological catastrophe of the Keystone pipeline) just seemed to me to be Too Ludicrous to warrant a moment’s serious consideration.

    my Gut Feeling was fully confirmed when i got access to The Innernets this morning and was able to read the “coverage” of the story in the Main Flush Media.

    consider the WoPo’s headline:

    “Army Corps ruling is big win for foes of Dakota pipeline”

    and the Old Gray Lady’s:

    “Protesters Gain Victory in Fight Over Dakota Pipeline”


    those are “PIGS FLY!”-level headlines.

    one of the nicest things i always liked about throwing the Ching (in addition to the uncannily accurate results i consistently got from it) was the levels of “objectivity” which consulting that particular oracle provided.

    throwing three coins six times was pretty good in that regard, but tossing a bunch of 24 sticks and picking them up according to a series of ritualized patterns really does put one’s “wishes” at a great remove from any dynamic situation.

    of course, the generated hexagram still needed to be “read” –via the help of the book– but, even so, i can’t count the number of times i was just *stunned* by the appropriateness of the oracle’s presentation of a situation.

    i’m curious: does any of the subsequent, considered coverage of the “Standing Rock Victory” warrant any change in your detailed reading of its “natal chart”?


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The overriding Pluto Uranus/Eris Jupiter combo is still operating. Notice I said that yesterday’s harmonious trine/sextile arrangement was temporary. However I do see the Uranus/Jupiter plus Eris combo as quite possibly fracturing Pluto’s massively entrenched power over these next few months. Look for more sudden surprises.

      • thanks, Ann, but all that stuff is just Greek, to the asterlogically-challenged like myself.

        the point of my comment was to see if there was any change between your original reading of the chart in the Full Flush of the initial enthusiasm which you felt when the news of the “victory” first broke and a later reading of it, taking into account the (rather obvious) dissimulation –and outright mendacity– of the G.W.Obama administration’s manipulation (*not* at all Capitulation) of the situation.

        as i suggested, the inherently “objective” nature of the I Ching oracle works best for me –not least because it speaks, ultimately, in “images” and i am an image sort of guy.

        but, i’m quite willing to believe that “scientific” astrology –properly understood and interpreted– is able to yield equally valid results.

        as i see it, we live in a Nest of Mandelbrotesque Boxes, in which the whole universe is visible in a single grain of sand.

        the Trick is to understand how to read those grains.

        the idea that “the Uranus/Jupiter plus Eris combo [will] quite possibly fracture Pluto’s massively entrenched power over these next few months” seems to suggest that the glass is, indeed, half full, and that Change is the only constant.

        being a cockeyed Aquarian Optimist at heart, i’d agree with that diagnosis.

        we owe The Trumpster a massive, massive Debt of Gratitude.

        if we can only live long enough to repay it.


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