“Stacking Functions” Department: An experiment in dryland farming for community gardening on a city easement by a Pentacostal Church!

One of the astonishing perceptual shifts that we undergo as permaculturists is to begin to observe and encourage all sorts of qualities, elements, species, and processes to interact with and support each other — the way nature does it!

Case in point: Here’s a deeply optimistic and educational video about an experiment to convert, in this case, a wild blackberry patch on a city easement into a community garden that features dryland farming. Plus, the man who initiated the project is a Pentacostal Christian, whose faith community is now beginning to enter a “deeply reverential relationship” with all of creation.

I do have one question: how come the composted and non-composted horse manure underneath the sawdust that had been covered with a tarp for a full year and thus experienced no rain, no water, end up so moist? Amazing.


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