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My dear son Colin (founder of the Garden Tower Project), who moved to Bloomington to be near me three years ago, invited me to lunch yesterday. We decided to go to Lennie’s, where the food is always great, and our conversation roamed far and wide. So wonderful to enjoy this expansive Aquarian son whose mind, heart and spirit track with my own! How did I get so lucky?

When I look back to all we went through, he and his older brother Sean and I, after the terrible, wrenching divorce, which disintegrated further into the estrangement years, and then — mirabile dictu! — the healing years, impulsed during the Harmonic Convergence, around midnight August 16, 1987, when a commanding voice spoke to me clear as a bell while twirling with a New Age group from California in a ceremonial yurt in the Tetons: “You must finish your personal karma by the end of the year.”

Ye gods! I had to go reconnect with Patrick, their father, so that I could get back together with my already adult children. A story for another time.

The healing years continue. That we could all re-converge shows the way the universe works, over and over again, guiding into unity what has been divided. Son Sean and Sue and grandkids Kiera and Drew will be with us here again for Christmas.

(Patrick was found dead on the floor of his apartment two weeks after 9/11 — I suspect he died of a broken heart. Our sons may not recognize this — yet — but I know that Patrick is now “sorry” for his attitude while incarnated, and that he greets us rejoicing, from afar.)

The bonds that drew the four of us into mingled incarnation on this planet — during these storied 25 years since Harmonic Convergence when the human race, little by little, and then leap by leap, re-members its essence in oneness — continue their generous, flowing embrace.

Here are two urls Colin posted to me this morning, saying he thinks I might like them. Most likely yes! — though I have yet to watch. Too much happening, including initial preparation with two others for a Sunrise Ceremony on a magnificent nearby wooded ridge sacred to Native Americans on December 21, 2012.

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