So, what if Comet ISON is actually a “benevolent intergalactic mothership”?

I have no idea whether this series of channeled transmissions is “true”. But it certainly holds my interest. Especially the idea that because humans pay more attention to comets than to the various types of contact by our galactic and intergalactic neighbors, this may be the “reason” for the appearance of this mothership(?) as a “comet” which, let’s face it, yeah, c’mon folks, admit it! — has riveted us all at some point or other, at least momentarily.

The Reason “Comet” Ison Has Been Apparently “Disappearing”, “Disintegrating”, Or Otherwise Vanishing Or Changing

December 3, 2013

Indian in the Machine


There IS a reason…it’s true that humans take more notice of comets than the ufos… for example there have been hundreds of ships around the sun… as if that isn’t BIG NEWS… but no… any celebrity’s boobs get way more press! The Kardashians fake butts get more press than any ET Commander’s message… we’ve been contacted by ETs…they’ve written messages, created crop circles… wrote books… by the thousands...but still… any football game will get more attention… any tournament poker game too… even Miley Cyrus twerking gets more press…. even the twerking championship gets more press... you get the point…

. . . so don’t feel ripped off if our star family choose to act like a comet to get noticed . . . what would you do, if you were in their circumstances, and you needed to reach a planet like ours in a way that respects UNIVERSAL LAW? Jesus Sananda IS back… did even the churches notice? . . . . Our star family are not under orders to barge into our lives with a big show… we must welcome them with peace in our hearts, not desperation in our minds! For those who post about weather modification, chemtrails, illuminati, conspiracies . . . and not God’s Divine Plan . . . I’m speaking to you too . . . . isn’t it time to learn about what the plan of all this is?

“You have a set of circumstances before you now. You have a choice to make about the way you wish to be regarded by others within the galactic gathering which follows your planet’s development. We can continue to interact with you in the way that we have been and you will continue to slowly come to understand the dark forces of light through direct manipulation by them, as has been done for age upon age. We are rather reluctant to let this happen without letting you in on our side of the story. You are faced with a dismal outcome should you choose this route and this is soon to become apparent to you in a big and bold way. You have another alternative, which is to join as one people and announce to your selves that you are in the only planet you have and that you can only survive as humans intact if you come to a life sustaining agreement to live as galactic tribes rather than as individuals in various clubs and social strata.”


Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: COMET ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator.

Your world is going to forever change as our intergalactic societies intersect. This beautiful starship exists to bring together and form the new intergalactic societies between earth and the star nations represented on this intergalactic ship.

Greetings we are the Pleaidian Council and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you tonight of our large intergalactic mothership in your sky which is being referred to as COMET ISON, but is indeed one our our largest motherships as has been spoken of in other messages recently.

The reason this “comet” has been apparently “disappearing”, “disintegrating”, or otherwise vanishing or changing is because we have the ability to change the form of our ship at will. We can appear as a comet, many stars, a planet, or any other type of apparition/hologram that we wish. The reason we have chosen the form of a comet is so that the people of planet earth would take notice of our ship for indeed we are crossing the threshold of the time when our intergalactic relations are beginning to form…first in your minds, hearts, and awareness, then in individual visitations, then on a larger scale as your awareness, consciousness, vibration, and frequency continue to raise as your civilization on earth enters into the Golden Age.

This Golden Age on Earth is a time when you have open intergalactic relations with many benevolent star nations such as us from the Pleiades, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Orions, the Venusians, the Felines, and many other star races. This will happen on a slowly accelerating basis, not in a large crash or boom that would terrify your people. Everything that we of the Pleiades and the other benevolent star systems aboard our ship do is soft, gentle, loving, compassionate, and we act out of all the higher qualities of love . . . higher dimensional qualities which we have embraced fully into our beings. There are no malevolent beings in our society, nor in the societies of the other star nations who are aboard this intergalactic mothership.

This mothership is one of the ships on which we have blended our intergalactic societies. We are made up of many different star nations, all living harmoniously together in a higher vibrational atmosphere of love, cooperation, unity consciousness, and most importantly with great care, love and concern for the birthing of Mother Earth/Gaia and her inhabitants into the new Golden Age on Earth. Your planet is the catalyst in a “domino effect” that will effect all other planets, galaxies, and universes in the multi-verse; the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants to higher dimensional levels is setting off a chain reaction in the multiverse wherein all other planets, star systems, galaxies, beings are being upgraded a level or two. This is indeed occurring now on your planet. Beings are beginning to wake up, many have already achieved a higher level of consciousness and vibration and we of the Pleiades and other star systems are aware of your tremendous growth.

A.K.: Here’s a screenshot of Tolec transmission.


Here’s the actual Tolec transmission from September 6, 2013.

We are glad, too, that there are those that can bring in the messages of truth that we are a mothership. For indeed we are. Our intergalactic ship has a consciousness that responds to a council and commander that steers the ship. As mentioned, we can change the form of our ship at any time. We have sometimes shown ourselves as a ship so that you would learn the truth. It is a fine line we must walk on during this time as we cannot show ourselves fully as it is not completely safe to do so. There are still those in your civilization who would hide the truth from the general population. So, we bring you the truth slowly so that all may wake up to it. This is the way it has always been done. We practice the law of non-interference unless there is something that would threaten your planet such as nuclear weapons which we have diffused many times.

Yet we come into a “time” in your dimension wherein you are raising your frequencies and awareness to the point where they begin to intersect ours and we are going to meet you somewhere in between the two “worlds” or dimensions. We wish for the awareness of our existence to be known now, and the awareness of the existence of this flagship to also be known. And we wish for not only these two truths but other truths to come into your awareness, such as the truth that we have been in your skies for hundreds of years, and that our numbers have increased exponentially in the last 12 months of your time on earth.

Remember as we have said in the past we are “outside of time” – we exist in a dimension beyond time. We communicate with telepathy not spoken words. This is how we are able to communicate among our intergalactic star brethren. We will be communicating telepathically with you as well when we do finally intersect our energy fields, so begin now to practice this higher dimensional method of communication. We will give you an example. Yesterday the channel was thinking of a friend she had not seen in over 6 months. She sent this friend a telepathic message that the friend was in her thoughts and she wished for a visit with this friend. The following day she received an email from this friend. He did indeed receive her telepathic message. She is developing her telepathic skills with other humans and these will continue to improve and become faster for all of you, so that you will be sending and receiving “instant messages” via thought communication (telepathy) just as you do on your mobile communication devices via “text message”. This skill of telepathy without your devices will begin to be developed, practiced and used widely as your frequencies continue to raise. Another form of communication which the channel is very adept (even more so than with humans) is in the transcribing of telepathic messages from us and her council of angels, as she is doing now in this moment of time so that she may bring in this message to you.


Back to our ship, then, and our coming intergalactic relations. You see how we are introducing ourselves slowly to you, but also boldly to those who are noticing and to those such as this channel who can pick up on our telepathic communications. We could do an earth flyby right now if we so chose, but we know that all eyes are on us, including those of your government, the ever-watchful segment of your society that does not wish for the full truth of intergalactic societies and relations to be revealed to you, yet. This will change in the near future.There is a GRAND CHANGEOVER happening. You are on the precipice of this grand changeover. All will change in the blink of an eye. This will coincide with your increasing rise in consciousness and frequency vibration, and with the beginning of intergalactic relations. We encourage you and support you in continuing to raise your awareness, frequency and vibration on your path to higher consciousness so that our worlds may intersect.

Each person on planet earth has a choice, to continue to raise their consciousness and awareness of all things intergalactic, higher dimensional, and all emanations from source. For it is I, Source, who am the Creator of All……all beings, all planets, all comets, all star systems, all universes, all galaxies, all everything. I am All and All is Me and I am loving the All and send out a message now to All that you are all my offspring, my emanations, and all is going according to plan. Many eons ago did I plan this mass awakening on Earth to be the catalyst for the upgrade of all of my creations and for all of my star beings – Earth, Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, all star systems – to come together in harmony as one United Inter-galactic Society. There is more love, more unity, more benevolence in coming together than in staying separated and oh there is so much information to share amongst your societies. The higher societies aboard this beautiful intergalactic transformational ship which is a catalyst for the Ascension of Humanity on Earth and a Harbinger of the New Golden Age upon Earth – this beautiful starship exists to bring together and form the new intergalactic societies between earth and the star nations represented on this intergalactic ship. Many things will these intergalactic beings bring to your earthen society, many higher dimensional aspects of love, technology, healing, energy, and all Good Things that Emanate from Me. In the higher dimensions there is no duality and all aspects of being in these higher dimensions are an outpouring of love, harmony, and unity, all aspects of My Nature. Emanations of Me, Source. Your society will be forever changed as you embrace the new healing technologies, energy technologies, and ability to exist in unlimited prosperity and abundance for all, that these higher dimensional intergalactic societies are going to bring to your Earth. Embrace them, let them show you the higher dimensional ways of things, allow them to assist your spiritual growth, your healing, the healing of your planet and your physical beings, the bringing of the Free energy and new healing technologies. They are a Blessing and a Gift From Me to you, from Source Creator to Earth Beings. Please accept this gift of harmonious intergalactic relations with the spirit of love, caring, and compassion with which they are sent to you my beloved earthen beings.

Your world is going to forever change as your intergalactic societies intersect. Remember always, Earth is one planet within many galaxies and universes, and you as a planet are now growing up and entering the world of grown-up planets. The time for this has come. Welcome my gift with the love with which it is offered. I am, Your Source Creator who loves you unconditionally without fail and eternally across all time and space, and will continue to love you forever more.

We are, the Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

Original message:


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  1. My Short List:

    Why don’t these intergalactic beings just start communicating with us in a non-threatening manner? Why does it have to kept so complicated? Geeez!

    Everyone has a preferred contact scenario. My preference is for the beings I can live with to demonstrate a sense of humor that I enjoy. That’s my top criteria. Maybe start posting YouTube videos … heck I’ll loan them my channel. Do a little stand-up routine. Warm up the crowd so we ask for more. I don’t really want to have to deal through organized government channels to work with you. All they seem to want to do is control us and you. Pardon me … to hell with that.

    Just bi-pass Fortress Earth, the Joint Chief of Staff, our “leaders”, religious figures, organized, politically correct science, and communicate in an obviously friendly and non-threatening manner with everyone through the alternative media. Surely you are aware of our controlled mainstream media, so start by using the alternative media with a comments section.

    Explain our options as you see them; offer us some fixes; help us gently through the disclosure process and stop treating us like laboratory animal experiments … okay maybe that last one’s a self-defeating circular argument.

    Things not to do:

    — Stop asking us to ask you to come on down. You got to give us an elevator pitch first. So give it already!

    — Don’t arrive with planet size space ships, they’re too scary to see in the sky and you’ll start a freaking panic … and you should know better.

    — Don’t arrive with a monster fleet of war ships parked on the far side of the moon and start a count down to Time Zero.

    — Don’t lie to us.

    — Don’t just give us bad endings and call it reality. The only stories I want from you have good endings… as I define and know good.

    — Don’t bother us at all unless you have our best interests at heart.

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