So what happened on “The Ides of March”?


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A big surprise! Vladimir Putin announced, on March 14th, that on March 15th he would begin to pull troops out of Syria, because Russia’s objectives were pretty much accomplished.

Yes, we had to beware of something! And this new (for those who haven’t been following the Russian chess master’s game all along) move shows an alternative way of doing power politics as well as takes the wind out from America/NATO sails, and forces Assad to become more flexible at the peace table.

Lots of commentary, of course, much of it flabbergasted, and of course always looking for the self-serving “reason.”

My favorites:

Paul Craig Roberts —

Russia’s Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches to Diplomacy

And Luke Rudkowski —


Here are a few others, from jhaines6a

Syria turning point: Russia withdraws to play the most of ‘diplomatic card’

Zerohedge Why Russia Is Leaving Syria: Putin Achieved Everything He Wanted . . . We are so used to looking at war as someone conquering/controlling a country. Putin is not interested in this. He understands sovereignty. If you haven’t watched this clip before (about 14 min.) Crimea. Way Back Home. Ep.1 – Saving President Yanukovich, take a few moments to view it and understand why Putin chose to save this man’s life. I think perhaps most of the rest of the world doesn’t live at the level of consciousness that Putin inhabits, so they simply don’t know how to interpret what he does. . . Remember, we are not going to solve today’s problems in the same ways as before. Putin seems to be setting us all an example of a better way, but I think most Americans are so confused, hurt, scared and fearful, that they can’t yet understand this.



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