Snowden’s “Terminator” Dilemma: “Come on billionaires, show us your balls!”

A new theory surfaces. Is Snowden stuck in the airport a la hapless Tom Hanks in “The Terminator” movie? (Or maybe it’s more like his survivor movie “Cast Away?”)

Play the Snowden flights boardgame: Avoid going directly to Jail

NSA leaker needs Steve Jobs’ jet, not WikiLeaks lawyers

If that’s what he needs, it may be like turning the Titanic. Check out this acute analysis of San Fracisco’s Silicon Valley culture, and the service-to-self greed that apparently drives it.

Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire

Google Eats the World

On the other hand . . .

Okay, Steve Wozniak, you say you feel “guilty.” Good. Take this opportunity to work off your karma. Show us your balls! Send that sleek jet!

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