Simon Beck’s Snow Art Rivals (ET?) Crop Circles

So why do anything? Especially if it will disappear in only one day? Just because you can. Do it. Do the one thing only you can do. Imagine if everyone did this, began to express our unique, beautiful natures fully into the world. Imagine the transformation, imagine our magnificence.

It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. Then You Zoom Out And.. Whoa.

December 23, 2013

It’s possible you’ve never heard of Simon Beck, but after today, you won’t be able to forget him or his wintry works of art. Simon is an artist and is most well-known for making incredibly delicate and detailed art in the snow, just by walking over a fresh snowfall. He literally walks miles in the snow to create these pieces. And the part that blows our minds? He could spend hours upon hours creating one design, just to have it be covered by snowfall or blown away by the next day. But he still makes them.

If you’d like to see more of Simon’s art (which is genius bordering on insanity), visit thisFacebook page dedicated to it.

Share this story if you love this beautiful winter art. Each one is a unique masterpiece.

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