Signs of (Temporary?) Lift-Off —

IMG_1315I thought I’d have more time for this blog today, but that’s been squelched by other projects, including getting ready to go on 12-day trip with Joan Bird tomorrow, where I will need both conference clothes (for Crones Counsel and UFO Conference: on bed) and clothes for camping/hiking in Zion (on floor). Luckily, Joan, coming from Montana in her car, is, as she says, my “outfitter,” having even secured a sleeping bag for me, plus all the other camping stuff that we’ll need for our four day/night adventure between conferences. Colin, whose latest Kickstarter for the Garden Tower 2 goes live today at 4 p.m. EST, is riding over on his new electric bike to hand me his laser beam thingie this afternoon, says he wants me to use it to call in UFOs. Yeah, right . . .

This afternoon I’m going to go with another Green Acres Ecovillage founding podmate Duncan to Peter and Keith’s Renaissance Farm to dig up two hazelnut bushes and replant in the (former) front yard of the DeKist house. Katarina, another podmate, wants to take over all the social networking, websites, etc. that have to do with Green Acres, the GANG garden, and the Ecovillage! Hallelujah! So she and I spent time on that this morning.

On and on. So much to do, so little time!

I am bringing my computer, and plan to be on it once in a while, for sporadic posts from both conferences.

Home very late the 17th.

P.S. Pay attention November 9-13, when the astrology is (predictably) difficult and unpredictable, and quite possibly will prove to be transformative, given that Mars interacts with the now familiar (and almost finished!) Uranus/Pluto square (2012-2015). First, Mars sets off Pluto (by conjunction) then, Uranus (by square). For more check Carl Boudreau’s ultimately comforting analysis.

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