Siberia/Mongolia Interlude: Between the first 12 posts and the final 3 posts

It’s now been 44 days since I published the 12th post of the Mongolia/Siberia series, and had promised to do a few more. Specifically, on Shamanism. For that is what most people who learn of my travels to this little known (for us westerners) part of the world ask about. So I will do two more posts on that aspect of our journey, as well as another post reporting on our final day — and picnic — with a visit to an extraordinary little art museum, on the shores of Lake Baikal.

The first post on Shamanism (14th of this series) will focus on a more extensive recounting of my trek, with a Siberian guide, to a remote portal high on a mountain ridge on the Siberian steppes. 

The second post on Shamanism (15th of this series) will include my roommate J.K.’s notes (and my) recounting of an incredible  ceremony during our two night stay on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Plus our brief, poignant meeting with a young shaman in a village, and as well, our four hour meeting with a Buddhist monk in another village nearby. We took a group picture there, the only one that our Siberian/Mongolian guide Erjen has allowed me to use.

Finally, the third and final post (16th), recounting, in photos, our long trek downhill to the southwestern shore of Lake Baikal on our final day in Siberia, includes not just our memorable outdoor meal, but the remarkable art of Nicholas Roerich.

All in all, this will make 16 posts on my journey to Siberia/Mongolia, and while the entire experience still conjures up enormous feeling inside me, while it altered me forever and ever, I’ve also had a number of other strong interludes since, including a weeklong trip to Alaska, the wild parts of which remind me very much of Siberia.

This morning, I decided to review my entire “corpus” of the Siberia/Mongolia, 2017 journey in order to prepare myself to re-enter the flow of this extraordinary experience, so that I may complete what I promised above.

BTW: When I told housemate Dan about this project, he asked, “Why, have people been asking for that?” As usual, that kind of question perplexed me. I don’t write to please others. And besides, as I told him, I follow Gertrude Stein’s admonition: “I write for myself and one other stranger.” If there is one person for whom these three new pieces are welcome, I will be happy! And even if there aren’t, or if I never know, still, what counts for me is that I do what I say I’m going to do. It’s my own sense of completion that matters to me. Always was, always will be!



More tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Siberia/Mongolia Interlude: Between the first 12 posts and the final 3 posts

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Lake Baikal is extremely interesting. In November of 2015 I asked channeler Terry Brown who channels the Elohim about Time Portals on Lake Baikal in Russia. We all know what a time portal is. You’ve read about travelers that enter a south France village where everything seems out of date. All the town seems to be playing a roll dressed in period garb. The travelers leave the town and when they come back and re-enter, instead they find a modern day version of the same town.

    Through Terry, the Elohim say there are indeed time portals that come and go on Lake Baikal.

    Apparently there are magnetic energy fluxes that are very strong in parts of the lake. Ships have disappeared from our dimension.

    Subject: QUESTION concerning Time Portal – Nov 25, 2015

    Are parts of Lake Baikal in southern Russia, subjected to periodic magnetic flux related time-portals where boats sometimes disappear into alternate time dimensions?…(somewhat similar to our Bermuda Triangle?)

    My independent research is that there is dimensional portal somewhere on the lake that comes and goes, not necessarily permanent.

    All kinds of other mysteries too, but the one I’m interested in is the possible recurrence of a time shift where craft enter and do not exit.

    The official story here:

    The Elohim reported that time shifts occur when two times of the same local share close energy frequencies. They can bleed through to each other then close. I can not get my mind around the concept of time portals, but that’s not unusual. There are also high tech moveable portals scattered around the earth distributed and maintained by advanced beings. I would refer to the advanced beings as aliens except they have been here apparently from our Earth beginnings.

    So please write on about Lake Baikal.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    Also I should say I’m aware of the prevailing scientific theory that methane gas releases bubble to the surface altering the effective resistant weight of water until boat water displacement sinks the boat.

  3. Pat says:

    Yes, please keep writing, Ann!
    Your travels & stories are fascinating & very enjoyable.
    Your quips & insights are wonderful & so interesting.
    Thank you!!

  4. Jean Hopkins says:

    Beautiful pictures. TKU

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