Are we sheep, or are we lions? Decide.

Steve Pieczenik, on infowars several times recently, says he doesn’t want to talk about school shootings anymore. Says they all follow the same (confusing) script, are used to distract, foment fear, divide and conquer, and, of course, destroy the 2nd amendment. I agree.

And yet, I consider myself a pacifist. I would never kill another person, no matter what. At least that’s what I think I am. Who knows what would happen in a situation where loved ones were in immediate danger. Those three times when I have saved my small dogs from multiple pit bull attacks showed me my own fearlessness. But I didn’t kill, I just turned into Kali. Terrified the pit pulls.

A Sisterly Visit Morphs, and Morphs Again

Meanwhile, both MSM and alt-news sites continue to post a plethora of new info (misinfo? disinfo?) on the Parkland Shooting all of which further distract us. Here’s two of the latest, both zerohedge:

Questions Emerge Over Shooter’s “Full Metal Garb”


Broward County Officials Opened 66 Investigations of Misconduct Under Sheriff Israel 

Whatever is the reality here, as Jerome Corsi, a true elder who has just been banned from youtube, calmly remarked on one of his videos in the past week, there’s lots of money available for schools that support gun control. 

Yep, as usual, follow the money.

BTW: did you notice the report that google is using the Southern Poverty Law Center to help decide which youtube video channels get banned? True?

Wake up, folks. This is war, a propaganda war, fought with an accelerating series of false flags and their “official narratives,” drumming words and images endlessly repeated  into our heads to lock us into a particular perspective that will, they hope, ensure that we can be led, blindly, like sheep, to the slaughter of both our freedoms and our humanity.

As the archetypal Raven, during that dream nearly 30 years ago, clawed my shoulders from behind, and cawed, no, — screeched:


That dream spawned Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, which I ran for the next 12 years. The journal, in turn, spawned a yearly gathering of crones. I plan to attend this year’s 26th Crones Counsel, in late September, Bellingham, Washington. Wanna meet me there?

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2 Responses to Are we sheep, or are we lions? Decide.

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    To determine your personal answer to your self query “And yet, I consider myself a pacifist,” track what you actually do, not what you think you would do.

    Graffiti marked on the side of the real bombs I dropped in this life, included a few that probably carried the notation, “Make love not war”, “To Ho With Love”, and the meme from the Vietnam era, “Sorry about that.” And yet, I dropped them. One of the last bombs I remember dropping in close air support, was to place a thousand pound dumb bomb directly on the laps of the enemy combatants. That they were taking cover inside a Catholic Church was not questioned. The cross at the top of the church steeple was the aiming point I remember using.

    One of the great truths of spiritual growth is, you will be tested.

    One of the great paradoxes of spiritual growth seems to be, tests for learning forgiveness will likely come from those you even consider to be your enemy.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Bingo. And I am reminded of my own years as a violent peace activist. Not physically violent, but mentally violent, intensely judgmental.

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