Shane Koyczan’s Transcendant Rap

In the shower last night, thinking about “my place in the world.” How I grok it now. How my old dreams of “changing the world” by leading some kind of Joan of Arc charge were ego-based and foolish.

And yet not! For how else do we begin to relate our inner hopes and dreams to the outer world if not by sporting, at first, a grandly inflated idea of the self?

Life, then, knocks you down, bends you over, shaves off the harsh edges, softens, massages, leaves you limp with exhaustion. Sometimes it takes years. For others, who learn quickly, the lessons come early. The soul’s dark night soon.

And inside that darkness, ferment. Inside, a seed, vibrating, begins to sprout. Puts down roots, shoots up. Breaks through the ground into the air. Keeps growing, no matter what. No matter who says you can’t. No matter. You can And you will. You will fulfill your mission in the world. You will serve as others serve you.

I now recognize my “place in the world” as one of millions upon millions of awakening beings all expressing/gifting their own unique selves as fully as possible into their own personal spheres, large or small. “Large” and “small” don’t matter, don’t even exist!

Every point in the universe reflects the whole — and when penetrated, opens space!

Every word, every thought, every breath reverberates everywhere!

So live now. Live with passion. Live your soul’s path. Be the fire, burn bright.

That I should come across the extraordinary expression of Shane Koyczan the very next morning feels like a miracle. Via upworthy.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Maybe I am just too sentimental and easily stirred but this caused tears to flow….. moving my emotions to the outside of my body….where they should be.
    ….. stunningly beautiful Shane Koyczan and his musical partner.
    Thanks for sharing this important work, Ann.

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